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4raBet Online Casino Review

4raBet app is one of the smaller gambling services to grace the world. It’s based in India, and is hence best-suited for gamblers from this country. In addition to the obvious casino content, there are also sections such as live-dealer casino & many different gambling games from various providers.

Software-wise, 4raBet can be used both through a mobile app and as a Web-based version. The two have the same content, but the mobile gambling might be more comfortable (although it’s subjective). The app variation can be downloaded directly from their official website at any time.

Live Casino

4raBet (or their Web variation) have a rich casino section. That’s what people come here for, anyway. One of the more popular ways of entertaining yourself of 4raBet app is to connect to a live dealer. The live casino usually works with card games, such as blackjack or poker (most notably).

You basically connect to a broadcast of a living breathing dealer sitting in a room decorated (or maybe not) as a casino. They have real cards in their hands, but you (and many other users alongside you) are dealt electronic cards that only you see on your screen. That’s how it usually works, anyhow.

It helps boost the feel of gambling at the real table, and people are particularly craving it now that lockdown measures are constantly being reinforced. There are lots of broadcast options. They vary based on what game is played, but it’s also about how the dealer looks and what the aesthetic on the other side is.

There’s a lot to choose from, in short.

Slot Machines

Slot machines are also plentiful in 4raBet. There are lots of themes and sorts, and you can filter exactly what you want to play with. This section of the casino games is particularly popular, which is why there are lots of machine options on this platform. They are equally well-optimized for use on mobile and PC.

This section of 4raBet app is particularly interesting because there are lots of filter options. Not only can you pick what theme you want, you can also select the setting, the jackpot variety and a lot more. You can also try to type in the name of the exact game you want, and it may appear before you – there are plenty of games, after all.


Besides slot machines, there are also a lot of table games and other types of casino entertainment. 4raBet is in touch with many top providers, so they regularly update the list with some new arrival, even if it’s not a slot machine game, which is people’s favorite.

Game Providers

In terms of game providers, the 4raBet app hosts a lot of games from the prominent Indian developers, Asian providers, as well as notable Western companies. There are obvious providers, such as Real Time Gaming, Net Entertainment, Microgaming, Playtech and much more.

There are many examples of popular casino software here – Cleopatra’s Gold, Bubble Bubble, Count Spectacular & more. But you’ll also find a few one-offs that only 4raBet and a few others support. Despite this, these unique experiments are very interesting and well-tuned.

4raBet Casino Reviews

4raBet seems like a good option all-round. There are several things users are most positive about.

Firstly, the platform is very well-maintained. Not only do they try to support and improve what this platform already has to offer, but they also add new things constantly. There are new games, new features, new bonuses, and the bad stuff is removed all the time if they find any.

Secondly, many aspects of this platform are just done speedily and without much deliberation. The deposits, withdrawals and obviously the gambling process are all highly polished and streamlined. Withdrawing of funds is usually done within 24 hours, and it’s a great result. In general, 4raBet seems reliable, although you shouldn’t forget that gambling is a risky business, and you can just as easily lose money because of an unlucky coinciden


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