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Aayami Tyre Tube Guard: The Elixir for your tyres

Picture a road trip to your favorite hill station with the best of your buddies, memorable moments together to be created and suddenly your car’s tyre gets punctured. Arghh! You missed the beautiful sunset and blacken your hands to the grease, bolting and unbolting the tyres. Often times, we may have faced this situation; sometimes while heading towards our office already late or riding towards an emergency.

tyre tube guard

It is hell bad of an experience for we know how to ride or drive but changing tyres or repairing a puncture with that sluggish toolkit or else finding a mechanic when you are miles away from the city is no mean task. Tyres wear away too soon on the harsh roads, due to incessant use of brakes, ever-changing climates and what not. What if you get a tonic for your tyres such that they become resilient like Captain America’s shield. AAYAMI presents you with their genie right out of the lamp that can be a saviour for your tyres in so many ways never thought of before.


Tyre tube guard is a ‘Foam Based Solution” that comes encased in a bottle with a tube attached to the cap. It fills up the puncture hole immediately making your tyres, whether tubeless or with the tube, totally puncture-proof. The air has no way to exit. See your tyres swelling up with pride, sirrah!

Another advantage is its easy applicability. Here are three easy steps to make your tyres ever youthful and bloated:

 – Shake your Tyre Tube Guard bottle, remove the seal and attach the injection hose to it.

 – Remove the valve core pin from the tyre to release the remaining air and thereby the air pressure completely. Now insert the injection hose into the valve with the bottle upside down, squeeze the contents into the tyre filling it with the sealant.

 – Clean the valve and reinsert the pin. Refill the air into your tyres to have them ever healthy again.

How it gives the tyres a new lease of life?

Besides being super easy to use, it offers a multitude of benefits that can tempt you to have it parcelled to you the very next moment. Let’s dig into the delights now:

Extends the life of the tyres:

Yes, it really does. Being made of rubber they crack and tend to dry out from continuous friction and heat, this product softens and nourishes the tyre tread extending the life of the tyre.

Added fuel economy:

Once settled as a layer in the inside of tyres, it draws away heat from the treads thus helping to use the fuel efficiently.

Evergreen utility:

The Tube Guard will keep on acting as a cushion, coolant and sealant for the tyres irrespective of the seasons. It keeps uniformity with its chemical structure irrespective of the temperature and humidity fluctuations well protected from the external effects.

Made in the USA:

No need to worry about the authenticity of the product as it meets all the strict guidelines prevalent in the US. it is well tested and internationally certified. The customer does not need to be wary about the trust issues.

 One use = lifetime:

It contains reinforcing filler by which it incorporates itself into the rubber compound of the tyre. A single time usage of the product lends you a lifetime of utilities. It further helps in maintaining grip levels and gives excellent traction throughout the life of the tyre.

Maintain air pressure and temperature:

Aayami Tyre sealant removes any issues related to porosity leaks which prevent tyres from deflating naturally. Thus, proper air pressure can easily be maintained. We can easily increase the life of a tyre by up to 25% if proper pressure and temperature are maintained. This sealant ensures proper cooling for the tyres including less flexing, bounce and fatigue features.

Multiple punctures healed in one go:

It renders a tyre puncture less or we should say a self-sealing tyre. Just think how much profits can be earned and time saved if the fleet of the vehicles is kept running by eliminating flat tyres by 85-95%!

That’s a whole lot of barter to exchange in a single deal. What are you waiting for then? Go grab your deals at 1,999.00 rupees per kit. Be the early birds to grab the additional discount as well by using the coupon code ‘first 300’ this is hard to resist- the deal as well as the seal.

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MuzickaZona September 27, 2018 at 1:53 pm

Total vehicle weight is not the only story, individual axle weight is also important (i.e. the load on each tyre). Optimizing tyres for their usage is something that makes sense. EV”s have different characteristics so creating a tyre optimised for that seems a good idea. Safer, better range, better longevity This is already done for subsections of the automotive industry anyway (everything from speed and weight rated tyres, to tougher sidewalls LT tyres for example). Basically they”re blowing their own trumpet a bit, but developing specific tyres for EV”s makes sense.


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