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Adopt An Effective Approach To Pest-Proofing For The New Year

The new year always brings new years resolutions. It’s a good idea to make some, even if you know you are going to break the resolution! One resolution that you should be considering is how to pest proof your home for the new year. This will help to prevent pests from entering and setting up home, damaging your belongings in the process.

Get An Inspection

The first place to start when pest proofing your home is to make sure you don’t currently have any pests living with you. Although it is possible to inspect your home yourself, this is a good opportunity to contact your local pest control company and get them to do it.

Not only are they qualified to do an inspection, but they also have the best equipment, are more likely to find an issue, and can even offer advice regarding protecting your home in the future/

Needless to say, if a problem is discovered then you need to get the exterminators to eliminate the issue. That is essential before you start pest proofing.

It is even worth having quarterly pest control done.

Seal Your Home

The smallest of gaps or cracks in your wall can allow cold air into your home. This can also be an access point for pests. They will be encouraged to enter if your house is at a better temperature than outside and you appear to have food and drink available for them.

An effective way of keeping the pests out is to seal all cracks and gaps, preventing them from gaining access.

Trim Your Trees & Bushes

Some pests, such as rodents, are very good climbers. That means they can climb a tree next to your house and then leap onto your roof. This will allow them to find a way into your loft space. The best way to prevent this from being an issue is to trim all branches and any bushes too close to the house.

This takes away their access route.

Tidy the Yard

Another useful pest proof tip is to tidy your yard. This means raking up dead leaves and mulch, cutting the grass, trimming bushes, and stacking firewood as far away from your house as possible.

All these things take away pest accommodation. Remember, the closer their outside accommodation is to your home the more likely it is they will come in to say hello!

Keep It Clean

One of the best new years resolutions you can make is to keep your home clean. Vacuum every day, wash and disinfect all surfaces, and make sure all food is put away in containers or disposed of in a sealed bin.

You are effectively depriving the pests of a meal which means your house is much less appealing and they are likely to go elsewhere.

Don’t forget to eliminate sources of standing water. Pests need water to survive, if you don’t have moisture available then they will go somewhere else.

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