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After Rummy, Junglee Games Is Betting Big on Fantasy Cricket with Howzat

In the online world of fantasy cricket leagues, Howzat is one of India’s most reputed gaming brands. The fantasy sports app is accessible from all over India. The platform offers players real cash in prizes to the winners of cash contests. Aside from cricket, it also offers other popular sports like football and kabaddi. These features are two major reasons why the fantasy gaming app is gaining a lot of popularity. The fantasy sports segment of online gaming has an annual growth rate of 22.1%. Almost 67% of the Indian population knows and even talks about fantasy cricket.

Fantasy cricket is a game that enables players to select their own dream teams by selecting actual players from the two real teams playing a match on the field. As the game progresses on the field, these fantasy teams win points based on the number of runs scored, wickets picked up, catches taken, and other statistical performance of the players in the real match.

Fantasy cricket apps have now reached new heights. They are providing endless exciting options for people to play cricket online. There are many cricket fantasy apps in the market, and Howzat is one of the most trusted and popular among them.

This popularity of fantasy cricket has led to the sudden influx in investment in the esports industry. Fantasy apps are now producing a variety of content across channels. Sports enthusiasts and social media influencers have started their own YouTube channels to publish latest updates on the pitch and weather conditions and help players to select good teams for the upcoming games.

Online fantasy sports have created a platform for cricket and sports enthusiasts to utilize their knowledge of the game and their skills. Players get to be participants in matches without really playing on the field. By being able to select their own teams, players become virtual managers and owners of these teams. 

The popularity of fantasy sports has also been spurred by the remarkable increase in the number of smartphone users in the country, with India having crossed the number of 500 million smartphone users in 2019. Meanwhile, the estimate of internet users in India is around 639 million. The new generation is developing a keen interest in sports and follows them with a great deal of passion, thus bolstering sports games and franchises.

The revenue generated by online gaming will only rise in the coming years as fantasy sports expand in India. During the last IPL, for example, fantasy sports apps like Howzat witnessed a massive upswing in the number of users, which led to the fast growth of the gaming industry’s revenue.

Let’s take a look at the data collected based on reports by the Federation of Indian Fantasy Sports:

●      The user data has increased to 60% due to fantasy sports.

●      87% of the people playing fantasy sports claim to research and gain information about the apps or games over the internet.

●      48% of sports players watch all the games, irrespective of the teams and their place or country of residence.

●      Television has been the primary source for players to watch sports and cricket games, whereas 38% of users take a look over their social media platforms for regular updates.

  • 51% of users claim to consume sports more than 5 hours a week.

Howzat attracts users by engaging audiences across multiple platforms. The fantasy cricket app offers free and cash contests and exciting leagues and tournaments every day. Moreover, there are regular offers and bonuses that players can avail, which keeps them coming back for more.

Fantasy cricket is creating massive benefits for both gaming companies and players to enjoy. Fantasy sports platforms and apps are coming up with new features regularly to attract more players and further enhance the user experience. For example, Howzat has a feature called Beat the Legend that allows users to compete with cricket legends like Yuvraj Singh, Irfan Pathan, Sangakkara and Pollard to win big cash prizes by beating the legends’ teams.

Since smartphones are becoming affordable for a growing number of people, more and more people are expected to engage in mobile gaming in the coming years, which will further increase the industry’s growth. Given the rising popularity of sports and the favorable conditions for growth, fantasy sports has immense potential in the years to come.

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