Are You Allergic to Anesthesia? Symptoms to Watch Out For

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Anesthesia is a wonderful thing that helps people get through some of the toughest surgical and dental procedures. The problem with it is that sometimes patients are allergic to it. Allergic reactions can be mild or so severe that they threaten the person’s life. The following are some of the symptoms of an anesthetic allergy. If you experience any of these health issues, you should see a specialist immediately.

Site Pain

Site pain is one of the first symptoms of an allergy to an anesthetic. The point of contact may be red, swollen, bruised or extremely painful to touch. In fact, you could experience pain even moving any part of your body at all if its close to the injection site. The pain could come right after your exposure to the anesthetic or any time thereafter.


Hives are large bumps that appear shortly after an allergic person is exposed to an allergen. You can assume that you are allergic to what the doctor used if you notice these large bumps on any part of your body after you’ve had a medical procedure and an anesthetic.



Itching is a common sign of an allergy to anything, including a pain-stifling medication. Stay aware of your skin after you have a procedure done. Your immense itching could be from an allergy.


Edema is swelling and water retention. You can experience it in your arms, legs, feet, thighs, and just about any other place on your body. You may be experiencing an anesthetic allergic reaction if you experience edema after a medical procedure. Let your doctor or dentist know if you experience such a symptom or any of the others that were mentioned.


Anaphylaxis is the most dangerous and life-threatening symptom of an anesthesia allergy. Your throat, mouth, and tongue may swell, and that may cause suffocation. If you experience this symptom, you will need to get to a hospital immediately for an adrenaline injection. If you are in that condition because a hospital administered you the wrong anesthetic, you may be eligible to claim medical malpractice on this matter. The same rings true if a dentist administers it improperly, like shooting you with it too many times when it clearly isn’t working.

The above list is not an exhaustive one. You may experience other issues and symptoms if you have an allergy to anesthesia. As soon as you see that something is off, you should seek assistance. If you are harmed by improperly administered anesthesia,  you may have grounds to pursue a lawsuit on the grounds of medical malpractice.


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