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I have heard many people saying that they don’t watch senseless Bollywood movies anymore and only watch Hollywood movies as they make more sense. But there are many Bollywood movies which are out of the limelight but have an excellent storyline.  These movies might not have glamour, action, LOL moments or exaggeration but are true and honest depiction. They might not be the best if you are looking for an entertaining or light-hearted comedy movie. These movies don’t have unnecessary rain dances or romanticism but all the music they contain…

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Justin Trudeau Around The World 

Meet World Leaders who are breaking stereotypes

Leaders are seen as role models. We have an image of a conventional, disciplined, sincere and sophisticated person as a leader. They are supposed to be perfect living beings with perfect lives. But these world leaders are different; they are breaking stereotypes and setting new goals. Young leaders like President of France, Emmanuel Macron, Prime Minister of Canada, Justin Trudeau and Prime Minister of New Zealand, Jacinda Ardern are breaking age-old stereotypes like a pro. Here are some interesting facts about them. Justin Trudeau –  Justin Pierre James Trudeau is…

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