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12 signs to watch out for that show you are in depression

Are you surrounded by constant feeling of loneliness? Are you indifferent towards other people? Do you lie all day on bed doing nothing? Are you dominated by negative thoughts? If yes then these signs indicate that you are depressed. While such kind of feelings are experienced by people in one point of time in their life due to stress, tension or problems. These symptoms decrease gradually with time but if it is persistently longer and increasing day by day then action needs to be taken immediately. Let us see the…

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Music Entertainment 

8 Ways Music can help you make healthier and Happier

Music is a creative human artwork which conveys emotions of sadness, happiness, heartbreak, and romance. Music can help a person in expressing the feelings indirectly through songs when verbal communication cannot take place. Music is everywhere around us from the chirping of birds, honking of vehicles, dropping of utensils, the sound of rains to the ringing of phones. There is no barrier of languages when it comes to enjoying a song and irrespective of any dialect, the sole function of music is to entertain, relax and unite people. Let us…

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celebrate New Year Travel Trending 

12 Amazing Places To Celebrate New Year In India

New Year is around the corner with almost 3 weeks to go. People wait for this day to celebrate the beginning of the fresh year with their families, friends, and lovers. New Year’s eve mark the end of a whole year which had good memories as well as bad phase in one’s life. Celebrating it means pushing behind ugly things and work on positivity ahead. Here are 12 amazing places in India to celebrate the new year in 2019. People make merry in various ways. Some like to go for…

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Homemade beauty tips Beauty 

12 Homemade Beauty Tips From The Closet Of Kitchen

Who does not like looking beautiful, young and flawless? We spend a lot of money on cosmetics, creams, lotions, and products to appear attractive. In this pursuit, we ignore rich and naturally offered vegetation by god. The need is to look beyond products filled with chemicals and embrace Natural remedy with these 12 simple homemade beauty tips. Honey Honey is a boon for the skin as it has bacteria killing power and an ultimate good moisturiser to the skin. It reduces dark patches from lips by killing dead cells thus…

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Around The World Trending 

12 Weird Laws weird from all over the World

Law is a procedure that is generated to set certain conducts and all individuals must abide by these structure of rules. These regulations and order are made for safety, equality, and peace among all. The law differs from country to country. But there are some bizzare laws and enforcement followed by certain countries. Here are 12 weird laws from all over the world which you must check out in 2019. Oklahoma In Oklahoma, it is a punishable offence to dress up your pet in adorable outfits. As it is a…

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earn money online Technology Trending 

10 wholesome ways to earn money online in India

The Internet is a Goldmine of valuable resources and it has become a god for humans nowadays. The world has digitalized. One can work sitting at the luxury of their home. Advancement in the internet world has broadened various opportunities paving the ways to earn money online. Below are some of the safest and best ways to make online money in India. These zero investment online jobs will help open the gates for money to pour in. Here are 10 wholesome ways to earn money online which you must try…

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toxic relationship Lifestyle Trending 

Types of men to avoid for getting rid of toxic relationship

Relationships have become very fickle nowadays and with changing times the concept of love is also changing. There is no guarantee till when the relationship might work or how to save it. With divorce rate increasing rapidly the need of an hour is to choose, analyse and select wisely instead of repenting later. A girl needs to have clarity about how she wants the relationship to be and take a firm stand on things she dislikes. Thus rather than being careless having attention is important than waiting for the unavoidable.…

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Health Lifestyle Motivation 

10 Easy Routines For Healthy Weight Loss

Weight management is the need of an hour as an excess fat gives an invitation to heart diseases and other bodily ailments. During earlier times people did diet and exercise by eating a healthy meal and working in fields thus maintaining a fit body. The current period dominated by Junk has become a major reason for obesity and rapid weight gain, especially among teenagers and kids. Switching to a healthy lifestyle will promote disease-free and sickness free life. It is scientifically proven that adopting any habit and continuing it for…

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Pani puri Food Trending 

10 Different Names For Your Favourite Pani Puri

The word “Pani Puri” brings water into our mouths. This snack is hugely popular and regarded as a staple street snack all over India. We all relish it and can’t get over with the obsession with its taste differing from place to place. Once a person eats the Pani Puri which has a balloon-like structure, crunchy and flavoursome touch to it is unstoppable. The term Chaat had derived from Hindi word   (चाट ) which means a delicacy or from Prakriti word ( चट्टेइ ) means to relish or eat…

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bizarre marriage rituals Around The World Lifestyle Trending 

15 Most Bizarre Marriage Rituals Across The World

Marriages are memorable part in one’s lifetime and also styles of celebrating it differs among the various section of people. Marriage means fun, joy, gathering and union of two people. But there are some strange wedding customs that are practised by people. These marriage rituals are shocking and jaw-dropping. Here is the list of 15 most bizarre marriage rituals across the world. 1. Bride’s loss is Aunt’s gain (Eastern Africa) The Banyankole tribal group in Kenya follow a weird tradition before the wedding where the bride’s aunt has to check the…

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