Bollywood stars Entertainment Movies 

10 Bollywood Stars Who Disappeared After Couple Of Movies

Bollywood is such a place where dreams are fulfilled at the same time shattered too. A peak point in the career can turn into failure in a blink of an eye. Fame comes with its price. New faces and talents take over the places. Welcome to the world of Bollywood which attracts millions of people to try their luck in acquiring tickey to popularity. Let us have a look at some Bollywood stars who failed to retain their position in Bollywood movies and how they look now! Fardeen Khan Fardeen…

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Bollywood Bombshells Entertainment Movies 

7 Bollywood Bombshells Who Have A Link With Royal family

People like to copy Bollywood stars, their hairstyle, and even their mannerisms. A complete movie buff will always remain updated on the latest trends, gossips, news etc. Fans try to recreate famous dialogues, looks or iconic songs of their favourite stars. Some even go to the extent of getting the tattoo of idols on their body. This is the feeling that only a crazy filmy fan will understand. When we are talking about madness for Bollywood let us see the list of some talented divas who not only earned an admiration…

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Temples in India History Mythology Trending 

8 Temples in India where men are not allowed!

Gender bias has been an age-old problem. From ancient period itself, women suffered under patriarchal rule. Every condition was imposed only on women and one of them was praying to almighty. It is a known fact that god never discriminated his children. It is humans who created this difference. As women were going through menstrual cycle they were called impure and banned from going to temples. But as times are changing rules have also fluctuated. There are some temples which are way ahead of the patriarchal norms and permit only…

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Robots Technology Trending 

Robots: The pathbreaking invention or nightmare to mankind?

Science has helped to radiate the world around us with its astonishing as well as unbelievable developments. Robotics is one such upcoming field of science with a mixture of three Engineering branch, which is Computer Science, Mechanical and Electronics. In this guide, we have covered a list of advantages and disadvantages of robots. Curiosity has lead people to research leading to discovery and inventions. Robots are the finest invention made by humans. In the future, it will play a vital role in our lives. But do we know about the…

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Bollywood actresses Movies Trending 

10 Powerful Bollywood Feminist Movies That Are Must Watch

Hindi Cinema is developing very rapidly. Bollywood Actresses are no longer portrayed as just a glamorous substance but rather given a meaty role. Female protagonists have given some real power packed and blockbuster performances in the last couple of years. Therefore have received a lot of appreciation for the same. Over the years some of the women-centric films have broken the stereotype of the shy and delicate image of Hindi actresses. Here is a list of 10 powerful Bollywood Feminist Movies that every man and women must watch. Kahaani: Vidya…

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Chocolate Health Trending 

Why you should not underestimate the power of a Chocolate!

The word “Chocolate” brings water into our mouths. Be it a birthday, festival or good news people celebrate with Chocolate so that their happy moment is filled with sweetness. In fact, we do not require any reason or occasion to eat Chocolates. It is a popular munchy snack among kids as well as old people. But every men/ woman get cautious about eating chocolate and gets confused considering it might not be healthy for them. Here we have brought to you the amazing health benefits of chocolates so that you…

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belly fat Health Trending 

10 Food Substances That Can Reduce Belly Fat Quickly

70 million people in India are suffering from obesity. Obesity gives rise to Blood pressure, Heart diseases, Cancer and type-2 Diabetes. Poor diet, unhealthy lifestyle and negligence are the leading cause of such illness and diseases. A famous proverb says that ” Health is Wealth” which means if you are careless towards your health no amount of money can help you buy it. Following an Unhealthy eating, habit is abusing one’s body. Our body needs nourishment and energy for smooth functioning. Belly fat is one of the most stubborn parts…

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Amazing facts Around The World Trending 

15 Amazing Facts You Will Be Surprised to Know

There is some unknown side of life or events that we are unaware of. As quoted correctly by Mike Murdock “The secret of things is hidden in your daily routine”. So let us explore some of the mysterious sides of ignorance. Because at the end of the day we all are humans and not gods. There will be some things we will not know as learning is the continuous process. Here we have compiled the top amazing facts of the world, you will be surprised to know. 1. When a…

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Perfect makeup Fashion Trending 

How to choose the perfect makeup – a beginner’s guide.

Makeup enhances our skin giving it a captivating radiance. In order to have your makeup on fleek proper knowledge about the makeup and the products are essential. One has to be very friendly when it comes to cosmetics. There are lots of marketing strategies that can be misleading. Here is a beginners guide on how to choose the perfect makeup. Things to remember while choosing the right cosmetics: i)Read the information given behind the packet before buying it. ii) Seek professional guidance regarding allergies. iii) Try the product and check…

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