Top anti aging foods Health 

Top anti aging foods to slow down aging!

Aging can be defined as the process of becoming older. In human beings, aging represents the accumulation of changes in an individual over time. Some foods can reduce the aging process naturally and can help you look younger. Here is a list of top anti aging foods to slow down aging. Effects of aging include losing the ability to hear high-frequency sounds above 20kHz, development of wrinkles, presbyopia, cataract, greyish hair, hair loss, a decline of memory etc., But there are ways to reduce the effect of aging to some extent.…

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THINGS TO DO ON THE INTERNET Entertainment Trending 

10 awesome things TO DO ON THE INTERNET when you’re bored

We can’t imagine our lives without the internet now. Today we can almost find everything on the internet and can some perform so many activities like shopping, paying bills without leaving home. It can be used for social networking, watching videos, reading news etc.  If you are feeling bored and want to do something cool on the internet, you have come to the right place. Here is the list of 10 awesome websites to visit when you’re bored.  You will kick off your boredom and acquire some new skills. 1. Learn…

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10 Best inspirational speeches of all time Motivation Trending 

10 Best inspirational speeches of all time

Life is a rollercoaster ride with several ups and downs. There is no time to give up on your dreams, in your life no matter what happens. Life is not a straight path, you have winding roads, parting roads filled with failure, sorrow, and misery but failing is no crime. At some point of life, you have to fail just to learn how to move forward, in life sometimes you have to fall just to stand up and walk. Do you have dreams? You want to succeed, yet failing numerous times…

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deal with stress Lifestyle Mental Health 

7 Effective Ways To Deal With Stress In Life

In psychology, stress is a feeling of immense strain and pressure. It is the body’s way of responding to any kind of demand or threat. Stress is a psychological pain. Stress in the small amount may be desired, can be the beneficial and even healthy but excessive amount of stress may lead to bodily harm. Excessive stress can increase the risk of strokes and can also cause heart attacks, mental illness such as anxiety, depression. Are you finding the difficulties to deal with stress, check this out! These days stress…

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best super foods Health Trending 

16 Best Superfoods For Quick Weight-Loss

Superfoods are nutritional powerhouses that have versatile functions, it helps build bones, prevent chronic diseases, improve your eyesight, and even keep your mind sharp. Besides it also helps you to stay slim and fit. Let’s give a look to best superfoods for quick weight loss. 1. Black beans A cup of black beans contains 15 grams of satisfying protein and does not contain any saturated fat found in other protein sources, like red meat. Dietary fiber is commonly known as an important factor in weight loss and weight management by functioning…

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protect your aura Lifestyle 

How To Protect Your Aura From Negative Energy?

The unique ambience or energy which is ethereal yet beaming that seems to encircle and originate from a place, person or thing. In simple words, auras are vibes or forewarning that an individual gets about a place, person or thing as prima facie. Auras are related to the electromagnetic field of the human body which serve as a perceptible measure of the human physical, emotional, mental and spiritual states. Let’s know how to protect your aura from negative energy? It is believed that when two individuals communicate they exchange energies…

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Top inspirational books Books Motivation Trending 

7 Top Inspirational Books Every College Student Must Read

College days considered to be the quintessential time to explore the vast world of literature and expand your knowledge. If you are an avid reader it is most likely that you have a huge reading list or if you were gone back in school days and lost the habit of reading in the twists and turns of life you must now think of rekindling the habit of reading and make good use of your college days. Keeping that in mind here goes a list of Top inspirational books that you…

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Best Road Trips in India Travel Trending 

10 Best Road Trips in India That You Need to Take this year

Getting bored of your monotonous life? Need some refreshment? Wanderlust and planning for a road trip to rejuvenate yourself during the weekends? Road Trips are one of the best ways to escape reality and relax in the lap of nature. Here is a list of 10 best road trips in India that you must take this year. 1. Manali to Leh Highway Length of the road: 479 km Altitude: Approximately 3-4km above the sea level Best time to visit: During summers  and mid-October Words fall short to depict the mesmerising beauty…

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Health benefits of vegan diet Health 

Meals and Health Benefits of Vegan Diet

A vegan diet is a diet containing only plants – such as vegetables, grains, nuts and fruits – and foods made from plants. Vegans don’t eat foods that come from animals, including dairy products and eggs. One should be able to get most of the nutrients one needs from eating a varied and balanced vegan diet. One must eat at least five portions of a variety of fruit and vegetables every day. Here are the meals and health benefits of vegan diet. A healthy vegan diet includes: – Base meals…

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Summer camps Lifestyle Trending 

Best International Summer camps for teenagers

Teenage is the phase of life which is popularly termed as the phase of “Stress and Storm”. This “Stress and Storm” can do wonders if directed in a creative way. Help your teen to develop fully this summer. Keeping that in mind here goes a list of Best International Summer Camps for your teen: 1.Raquette Lake Camp Raquette Lake Camp is a noted international summer camps. It was established in 1916. the camp is aims at making lifelong memories for campers in a safe and fun environment enabling children to…

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