Best credit cards Finance 

5 Best Credit cards for rewards to check out this year

In the world of cashless transactions, Credit cards and Debit cards have made life easier. There are many benefits of using credit and debit cards – such as you do not need to carry the cash with you all the times. What is the difference between credit and debit card? The basic difference between credit card and debit card is the way the transaction amount is charged. When you use debit card to pay merchant for good or services, the transaction amount is charged to your linked bank account. There…

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best quality headphones Technology 

5 Best Quality headphones you can buy under 2000

Music is the biggest stress buster and all of us love to listen to our favorite songs. It is always difficult to choose the best quality headphones. Most of us prefer listening to songs on headphones as they can isolate and cancel background noises up to some extent.  This makes them suitable for both indoor and outdoor listening experiences. Headphones are mostly divided into two design categories. 1. Over The Ear – here headphone ear cups surround your ears. 2. On-Ear – here headphone ear cups rest completely on your…

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How many moons does each planet have Space Trending 

How many moons does each planet have?

There are many moons in the Solar System while we generally think of the Earth’s Moon only. There are moons in the solar system which orbit planets, dwarf planets, and other solar system objects. We will go through some most prominent moons in the solar system. Let’s see how many moons each planet have? 1. As of May 2018, There are close to 350 moons in the Solar System. There are total 175 moons which orbit 8 planets in the solar system and there are 9 moons which orbit 5 dwarf…

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