Indian youth's agony Nation Trending 

A guide to Indian youth’s agony and Survival in this absurd World

You don’t need to be an expert in Existentialism to understand that the modern world is indeed a bleak place to be alive in. The capitalist society with its promises of bartering happiness for a few bucks has created an atmosphere of strife where only the “best” is supposed to survive and thrive, where the desire of consumption is manufactured on a daily basis and is sold as an antidote to all possible melancholy. In such a scenario, a binary is created within humans where one must compete and outshine…

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Best movies of Sonam Kapoor Movies Trending 

7 Best movies of Sonam Kapoor you shouldn’t miss

Sonam Kapoor is a leading actress in the Bollywood industry and has given us some phenomenal performances to live by. The fashion icon continues to win hearts through her work and today on her 33rd birthday, we bring you a list of best movies of Sonam Kapoor that you should definitely watch. 1. Neerja Neerja is a gripping biopic thriller directed by Ram Madhvani which traces NeerjaBhanot’s real life story, wherein Sonam played the protagonist. The movie is hailed as one of the best performances in Bollywood and won Sonam,…

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