best Father's day gift Trending 

Best Father’s day gift ideas for 2018

“Father” a son’s superhero and a daughter’s first love is just another word for sacrifice, who finds his happiness in that of his child’s, who is constantly striving to give a beautiful future to his children even if he has to put in more effort than what he actually can cause all that matter to him is the smile on your face. In the process of distilling you, he would end up showing more love than anger. By the way, the Father’s Day is on the 17th of this month.…

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Cool android apps Technology Trending 


Gone are the days of using a “feature phone” or “basic mobile phones”. Then which ones are trending now? of course, the smartphones! Almost all of us use an android mobile or an Apple iPhone. One of best features of an android phone is its play store which offers a gamut of useful applications ranging from addictive games like candy crush, learning apps like Byju’s. Shopping apps like Myntra or Flipkart to social media apps like Instagram or Twitter and many more, which often keep you hooked up to your…

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Best travel android apps Technology Trending 


Life could be fun and joyful, but certainly not a cake-walk. All of us have our own share of tensions as well as a burden, battling with many things in life. As a student you might be struggling with tonnes of assignments, examinations and of course seeking the answer to the question what next? Or as an adult, you could be struggling to reach your week’s targets or bored with your monotonous lives. Thus, it becomes very important to take a break once in a while. Take a break to…

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Best chrome extensions Lifestyle Technology 

10 Best Chrome extensions to make your life easier!

We often see, kids right from the age of 2 hooked up to YouTube watching videos of Shin Chan or Chota Bheem, School and college going students heavily dependent on internet to gather information for their projects, research or to merely expand their horizon of knowledge, or granny’s watch their favourite soap operas, People browse through the internet for news updates covering various issues pertaining to politics, movies or international relations. Almost everyone you know has an account on Facebook irrespective of their age. Check out these 10 best chrome…

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Nipah virus Health Trending 

Nipah virus- A deadly outbreak of a dreadful virus.

The outbreak of a newly emerging virus called “NIPAH VIRUS” is terrifying in India and especially the state of Kerala. There have been 10 deaths reported due to this deadly virus. What is the Nipah virus? Why is it considered to be “deadly”? How does it enter the human body? Is it the first time in India that Nipah virus has attacked so many lives? There are many such questions which strike our mind when we come across the word “Nipah virus”, come let’s try to demystify the mysterically deadly…

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