Hidden Gems of India Nation Travel Trending 

Hidden Gems of India that you are unaware of!

Our society today is so obsessed with the internet and with meeting deadlines that people have forgotten the actual way of living, the real way to connect with themselves. In such a scenario, it is no wonder that the only vacations people have are ‘resting on weekends’. In order to change that, here is a list of some of the most underrated tourist destinations of India that are pure gold! Also, because these places hardly make it to most of the tourists’ lists, they are extremely calm and peaceful, and…

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Hidden Treasures History Nation Trending 

10 Hidden Treasures of India yet to be discovered

There was a time when India was called a ‘Golden Sparrow’ because it was one of the wealthiest and most prosperous places in the world. The British’s rule over India changed this scenario completely as the British looted away huge treasures from India. However, some of these treasures were so well hidden that the British couldn’t manage to find them and are till date, undiscovered by anyone. Here is a list of such treasures in India that are yet to be discovered. 1. Nadir Shah’s Treasure Nadir Shah, the founder…

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Best places to celebrate New Year's Eve Around The World Travel Trending 

10 Best Places to Celebrate New Year’s Eve

Are you one of those people who like spending the New Year’s Eve in front of the television with friends, munching onto some delicious food along with a few drinks? Sure, that is a great way of starting the new year but is also something that you can do on any other night throughout the year. This year, go to any one of the best New Year’s Eve parties in the world and see how glamorous and luxurious these parties are as compared to the house parties. Hence, here is…

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best indian novels Books Nation 

Best Novels By Indian Authors You Must Include In Your Reading Bucket List

It is often observed that when it comes to English language novels, readers tend to prefer the foreign authors more as compared to the Indian authors. But Indian authors, over the years, have produced some of the best books that have achieved both popularity and critical acclaim. Here are some of the best novels by Indian Authors that you should read at least once in your life. 1. The White Tiger This amazing novel by Arvind Adiga explores the issues like differences based on caste, religion as well as social…

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21 Cricketers Who Appeared in Indian Films And Television

India is the land of Cricket and Bollywood. There are many internation cricketers who tried their luck in Films and Television as well.  While some of the cricketers was able to build an alternate carrer.  Most of them could not make big impact and we did not see them on screen beyond one film. Here are 21 Cricketers who appeared in Bollywood films, regional language films and Televsion series. 1. Sunil Gavaskar The Little Master Sunil Gavaskar is undoubtedly, one of the most prolific and excellent batsmen to have played…

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Places in India where Indians not allowed Nation Trending 

Places in India where Indians are not Allowed

One of the most shocking and disheartening things in India is that even after over 71 years of being independent, there are still a few places in our country which Indians are not allowed to visit. There are various reasons why these places do not allow Indians even after being situated in India. But still, it is important to know about these fascinating places, just to be aware of what we are missing out on and also the reason why we can’t visit these places. Hence, these are the places…

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Most amazing Bridges in the world Around The World Travel Trending 

14 Most Amazing Bridges From Around The World

Bridges are a brilliant construction that not just connect two places, but are also a symbol of the World’s progress in Engineering, Architecture, and Design. These bridges are used by bikes, cars as well as trains. People can also travel across most of these bridges on foot. The modern-day geniuses have managed to merge technology with style and produced some great bridges that connect larger distances and are also very safe. Hence, here is a list of some of the most amazing bridges in the world. 1. Pont du Gard Aqueduct, France…

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Celebrate diwali Nation Trending 

Various ways to celebrate Diwali in different regions of India

One of the prime Hindu Festivals, Diwali is considered a festival of wealth and prosperity, and is celebrated with great enthusiasm and joy throughout the country. The festival sees friends and family members coming together, sharing sweets and praying to god for their peace and happiness. But with a variety of castes and communities in India, the way of celebrating the festival is different in different regions. Hence, this is how the sparkling festival of Diwali is celebrated in different regions of India. 1. Bihar Like most of the regions…

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Entertainment Movies 

16 Best Bollywood’s Mind-Boggling Psychological Thrillers

For years and years, Bollywood has produced a lot of movies that have had somewhat similar and repetitive premises. With cheesy dialogues, unnecessary songs, over the top action sequences and vulgar item numbers, movies have found a way to earn ‘big numbers’. And while a lot of money is made, it is earned at the cost of compromising the quality of the script. But amidst all these movies, there have also been certain thrillers which were well written and even well executed. And even though these movies may not have tasted commercial success…

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Things to do before dying Around The World Travel Trending 

Make Your Bucket List |15 Best things To Do Before You Die!

Bucket lists are probably the most amazing thing in the world. But what’s even more exciting and enthralling is the variety of things that are mentioned in every bucket list. Most bucket lists include things that are outright adventurous and adrenaline gushing, while there are also simple things like buying a car or learning a new language. As you complete each of these things, there is a feeling of satisfaction and accomplishment that instills in your minds. Everyone basically wants the same thing, to be happy. However, the source of happiness is…

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