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Most Adventurous Things To do In India with Places

With the Himalayas as well as other mighty mountains, plateaus, rivers running across almost all the states, and with a large peninsular region, India is endued with almost all the significant topographical features. And with such a topography, it is not a surprise that India offers an ample amount of activities that you can indulge in so as to boost your adrenaline levels. Adventure is something that reflects the youth, the youth that goes out seeking crazy adventures every day. If you are one of these mad adrenaline junkies, hop…

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Visa on arrival countries for Indians Around The World Travel 

Most Scenic Countries that offer Visa on Arrival for Indians

There is hardly anyone who doesn’t love to travel. Especially when it’s a foreign country you are traveling to. And while international trips are very exciting, the formalities and the visa procedures before the trip are equally tiring. But many countries have now started offering  Visa on Arrival (VOA) to Indian passport holders. This has made traveling even more exciting as there are no hassles of applying for a visa, no trouble of standing in long queues and no waiting for days until the arrival of Visa. Here are some…

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Entertainment Movies 

Bollywood’s best mind-boggling psychological thrillers

For years and years, Bollywood has produced a lot of movies that have had somewhat similar and repetitive premises. With cheesy dialogues, unnecessary songs, over the top action sequences and vulgar item numbers, movies have found a way to earn ‘big numbers’. And while a lot of money is made, it is earned at the cost of compromising the quality of the script. But amidst all these movies, there have also been certain thrillers which were well written and even well executed. And even though these movies may not have tasted commercial success…

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odi cricket evolution History Sports 

How ODI cricket has evolved through the years!

Even though test cricket was started quite early, the evolution of ODI cricket brought in a kind of revolution which the game desperately needed. As the number of people sticking to their tv sets for 5 consecutive days to watch a match, were getting less, it was necessary to go one step further so as to keep the people excited about the game. Over the years, the game has had many modifications in terms of the rules, the fielding restrictions, the equipment, as well as the way in which the game is…

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