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15 Interesting Facts About Our Solar System And Planets

The solar system includes the Sun and all the objects( including planets, comets, asteroids etc.) that orbit around it due to its gravity. For thousands of years, humans were unaware of the Solar System and believed that Earth was at the centre of the Universe. Astronomers and scientists developed a new model that explained the movement of the planets with the Sun at the centre of the Solar System. It was formed around 4.6 billion years ago. The vast majority of the system’s mass is in the Sun, with the…

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Top 5 Best Quality Bluetooth Speakers You Can Buy Under 2000

Music is the biggest stress buster and all of us love to listen to our favourite songs. Music speakers are mostly divided into two categories. Wired speakers Bluetooth or Wireless speakers Wireless speakers are more preferred for listening to music as they provide great portability and convenience. There are many portable speakers available in the market. If you are in the market for best Bluetooth speaker, please read this complete guide to choose the best wireless speakers for your need. Here is a list of best wireless speakers under 2000.…

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This Great Wall of India Could be The Longest Wall in the World After China

We all know about the Great Wall of China which is very popular and regarded as the longest man-made structure in the world. Did you know one such wall exists in India which may not be as long as the Great Wall of China but it is probably the second largest wall in the world and known as the great wall of India? We are talking about the wall of Kumbhal fort in Kumbhalgarh which is a Mewar fortress on the western range of Aravalli Hills, near Udaipur in Rajasthan…

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bolllywood method acting Entertainment Movies 

9 Times Bollywood Actors Took Method Acting Very Seriously

Method acting is a technique of acting where actor tries to emulate the character in real life. Many Bollywood actors have done method acting to better prepare for the roles. In this article, we will look at some of best Bollywood method acting examples. 1. Raj Kumar Rao in Trapped Trapped is a survival drama film directed by Vikramaditya Motwane. The film stars Rajkummar Rao as Shaurya, a call center employee who gets trapped in his apartment room without food, water, and electricity. The actor remained on a very strict…

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international space station Space 

16 Mind Blowing Facts You didn’t Know About International Space Station(ISS)

The International Space Station (ISS) is the habitable artificial satellite in low Earth orbit. The ISS has always been the center of attraction for space lovers. If you want to know more about the space station, read below mind-blowing facts about the international space station. I hope you will enjoy reading facts and they will your increase your know knowledge about the space station. 1. The first component of ISS was launched into Earth’s orbit in 1998 and the last pressurized module was fitted in 2011. The ISS was built…

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TWIN CITY OF INDIA Travel Trending 


Kodinhi, also known as The Twin Town is a small village in the district of Malappuram in Kerala, India. Known for most identical twins in the country, The village has gained popularity as the twin town of India. The village is situated around 35 kilometres south of Calicut and 30 kilometres west of Malappuram, the district headquarters. The town is home to approximately 2000 families. Let’s try to decode the mystery about Kodhini, Kerala’s mysterious twin town and reasons for twin births in Kodinhi. Photo Credit  Even though India has…

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Popular doordarshan sitcoms Entertainment Humor 

Popular Doordarshan Sitcoms Which Made Our Childhood

We grew up watching Doordarshan tv serials which are always close to our heart and we want to watch them again and again. These days there are so many channels, and we have the option to watch so many TV series but none can replace the joy of watching these old Doordarshan TV comedy serials which used to make us laugh and we used to forget all of our school tensions while enjoying these shows. Most of the shows are available on YouTube and you can relive your memories. Are…

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Baba Harbhajan Singh Nation 

Baba Harbhajan Singh: Soldier On duty Even After Death.

All of us are proud of our brave Indian army and know that they are 24/7 on duty just to protect us. Many soldiers have martyred while protecting the line of control. However, there is one soldier who seems to be duty even after 50 years of his death. Baba Harbhajan Singh was an Indian army soldier. He is revered as the “Hero of Nathula” by soldiers of the Indian army and a shrine was built in his honor by Indian Army. He was accorded the status of the saint…

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The 9 Tallest mountains in the Solar System

All of us have heard about Mount Everest which is the tallest mountain on planet Earth when height is measured from sea level. Have you thought about the tallest mountains in our solar system which consists of 8 planets, 5 dwarf planets and many comets, asteroids, meteoroids, and moons? Most of the tallest mountains in the solar system are located on red planet Mars. Read on to know the 10 tallest mountains in the Solar System. 1. Rheasilvia Mons, 4 Vesta – 22 km (14 mi) The mountain is located…

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Great Wall of China Around The World History Travel 

18 Unknown Interesting Facts About Great Wall of China

The Great Wall of China is a series of fortifications built along an east-to-west line across the historical northern borders of China. The wall is made of stone, brick, wood, and many other materials. It was built to protect the Chinese states and empires against various raids and invasions of the outsiders. Several walls were built as early as the 7th century BC. These walls were later joined together and made bigger and stronger. These walls are collectively known as the Great Wall of China. The wall built in 220–206…

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