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10 Top Indian Web Series Of All Times To Kill Your Boredom

People like to keep things personal these days, Isn’t it? Of course why not, personal things are the best choices. Digital India programme has proved itself. Most of the people these days have started gazing more into their cellphones than television. Cellphones are the most personal thing for anyone these days. People all over from the hectic busy schedule spare out some time not for taking a walk in the garden or spending time with their beloveds but for Indian Web series on YouTube. The web series on YouTube provide…

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11 life hacks to keep yourself together

Sometimes we get so busy that we forget to take care of ourselves or maybe we don’t forget we just can’t find the time to do so. If you are honest with yourself then you have to keep self-care a priority. we all work to make a living but during the time we tend to forget our basic needs like self-care and having a “put together life”. Life is important but living life in an appropriate manner and making the best of it is way more important. Here are some…

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