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10 Best Korean Thriller Dramas which will not let you go!!

Many people think that K-dramas are all about romance and nothing more. We all know how potential Korean romance is, and getting dizzy over feels is a common criteria for all K-drama lovers. However, there are these dramas that will get you chill’s while you’re watching and keep you on the “edge of your seats” as the plot builds towards a climax, and let me remind  you that these feelings don’t always revolve around only romance. If you are fan of Horror movies, here you can check the best Korean horror movies which can give you shivers.

1] City Hunter:

Korean Thriller Dramas

A soldier who was the only survival in an attack on his team . He lives with a stolen child that he raised him as his weapon of revenge. This drama involves marines, political conspiracy and lots of grudges. The romantic/comedy relation between the Lee Yoon-sung and Kim Na-na in between the thrilling situations cannot be missed, it made me lose my breath a couple of times. This is unforgettable for me since it introduced me to a Handsome actor Lee Min-ho appeared as an under-cover vigilant slash revenge-seeker and Park Min-young as a brave bodyguard. City Hunter is an excellent action thriller drama with mystery and romance.

2] Oh My Ghost:

Korean Thriller Dramas

This drama is engaging, exciting, and of course evokes curiosity up until the last episode. This series is about a dishwasher (Na Bong-sun) who works under star chef (Kang Sun-woo). She has crush on chef and dreams of becoming a chef herself. When I first started watching it I thought it was a fantasy romance, but eventually becomes a thriller. It caught me off guard and I was totally stuck in this story. I really enjoyed the scenes when Soon Ae (ghost) first possesses Bong Sun because they think she’s crazy. Oh My Ghost is a beautiful romance, comedy with the nail biting thriller story.

3] Healer:

Korean Thriller Dramas

It’s a drama with amazing story telling style, unique characters with perfect casting. A classical all time action, comedy, romance, thriller drama. An illegal “night courier” (Seo Jung-hoo) who works under the alias “Healer” is assigned to protect a girl (Chae Young-shin) and later falls in love with her. A sweet romance between the leads, but also have the tough action and thriller which kept me inquiring till the end. Every single episode got me at the edge of my seat and I was just thirsty for more. Healer is a great action, thriller with the sweet romantic touch and perfect comedy timing.

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4] Hello Monster:

Korean Thriller Dramas

This drama tells us a story about two brothers with different personality but their love towards each other. A Genius profiler (Lee Hyun) and reckless detective (Cha Ji-an) both will be involved in solving criminal case and Lee who was separated by his brother will come to Korea in search of him. It’s a fantastic drama with a lots of twist and turns it got me hooked on every episode. Although romance was not a focal point, the tiny bit of it will make you fall in love with love between the two leads. It’s a drama to watch if you are a fan of police procedural genera, and a fan of crime dramas.

5] The K2:

Korean Thriller Dramas

   A soldier Kim Je-ha who become a fugitive and changes to be cold and cynical after falsely accused for the murder of a civilian will be waiting to get his revenge . On the other side Go Anna an illegitimate daughter of presidential candidate whose life is always threatened because of her stepmother. Je-ha gets assigned to guard Go Anna, he protects her at all cost. This shows us an intensity pill and it’s just so good that you can’t stop watching it. The sense of romance and comedy in a serious action drama caught my eyes. I highly recommend this drama who loves action and suspense thriller stories.

6] W – Two Worlds:

Korean Thriller Dramas

As it’s title it’s a story of the leads who lives in two different worlds end up falling for each other. The gap between the two worlds is closed by Oh Yeob-joo, she is pulled to other world where she meets Kang Chul her perfect man whom she loved since her teenage. It’s a fantasy story with the thriller elements blend well together with suspense and twists. This drama will won’t let you blink your eyes until the end of the story. I found this show to be fresh, engaging, fast-faced, and truly, truly interesting. 

7] While You Were Sleeping:

Korean Thriller Dramas

A women named Hong-joo (Bae Suzy) who can see unfortunate events in her dreams meets a prosecutor named Jae-chan (Lee Jong-suk) who develops the same premonitions as her and does everything he can to prevent her dreams from happening. Leads try to bend their own fates and try to change the future. I liked the humour and also the thrilling twists that made me watch all the episodes continuously. This story does make me hope for having the ability to see the future. Though it’s a fantasy drama the romance between the leads is so sweet and funny.

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8] Strong Women Do Bong-soon:

Korean Thriller Dramas

Do Bong-soon is a woman born with superhuman strength that comes from the long line of women possessing it. When Ahn Min  Hynk, the CEO of anisoft, a gaming company witnesses her strength he hires her personal bodyguard. It’s my all time favourite drama which as an exceptional romance and peerless comedy which is just flawless. There were amazing tracks which were a perfect fit. Fans who would like to watch a drama with a cute romantic and a comedy thriller I would highly promote this story.

  9] Law less Attorney:

Korean Thriller Dramas

Lawless attorney keenly negotiates to a study direction where the heroes ultimately reach an edifying redemption. It’s a thriller crime drama that does not suffer with pointless plot insertion and indecisive characters. The storyline is really thrilling with a lot of twists and conspiracies. This shows the past sufferings and their present fighting by using law by the leads. If you want an action-packed serious with elements of humour and romance and that has a happy ending then I would recommend watching this series. 

10] He is Psychometric:

Korean Thriller Dramas

He is Psychometric is about a man (Jinyoung) who can read the secrets of people by touching their skin. He meets a woman (Shin Ye Enu) who is trying to hide her own deep secrets. They team up to solve a mystery surrounding fire that changed both of their lives when they were young. It’s  shows a fine relationship between two brother and the twists about their relation and also a thrilling truth about their lives. It’s a kind of since friction with a lot of thrilling elements and as a delight romance between the leads. 

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