Taj Mahal Secret mysteries History Nation 

10 Taj Mahal Secret mysteries you must know

The Taj Mahal is an iconic white marble mausoleum on the bank of the Yamuna river in the Agra city of Uttar Pradesh. Taj Mahal state was chosen as one of the new 7 wonders of the world in 2007.  Taj Mahal is so beautiful that visitors are totally hypnotized by the breathtaking views. Taj Mahal is also very mysterious as there are so many secrets about it. Here is a list of 10 Taj Mahal Secret mysteries you must know. 1. A Black Taj Mahal was planned opposite the white Taj Mahal –  The Black Taj Mahal is a black version of the…

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Indian youth's agony Nation Trending 

A guide to Indian youth’s agony and Survival in this absurd World

You don’t need to be an expert in Existentialism to understand that the modern world is indeed a bleak place to be alive in. The capitalist society with its promises of bartering happiness for a few bucks has created an atmosphere of strife where only the “best” is supposed to survive and thrive, where the desire of consumption is manufactured on a daily basis and is sold as an antidote to all possible melancholy. In such a scenario, a binary is created within humans where one must compete and outshine…

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Biplab deb Nation Trending 

5 times Biplab Deb proved Why He Is The Rakhi Sawant Of Indian Politics

Lets just rewind to 9th march 2018, the day (Beep)lab kumar orf Biplab Deb assumed the office of Chief Minister of Tripura. From the day of incumbency of office he has made himself somehow bright in the limelight. I would not like to call it this way but Biplab is coming across as Rakhi Sawant of Indian politics. He has attached many controversial statements and comments to his chair right from the beginning. Let us look at what Sir Biplab had to say on various areas of importance: Do u…

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top indian ceos Motivation Nation 

Top Indian CEOs who are heading global organizations

YES! We can say this proudly ” Indian CEO’s ruling the World “, According to the survey, it has been found that India is progressing at a very rapid pace towards globalization. A number of Indians are seen taking charge as CEO for various Multinational companies. This proves that India is not only readily starting up MNC’s but are also well established in leading these MNC’s. The most topmost name in that list is, of course, the Google’s CEO, Sundar Pichai. Here are a few other names also on the…

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Motivation Nation Trending 

What is the role of ambedkar in upliftments of Dalits & Scheduled Castes?

Dr. Bhimrao Ramji Ambedkar (14 April 1891-06 December 1956), popularly known as Babasaheb Ambedkar, was a jurist, social reformer and politician. He is also known as the Father of Indian Constitution. A well-known politician and an eminent jurist, his efforts to eradicate social evils like untouchability and caste restrictions were remarkable. Throughout his life, he fought for the rights of the Dalits and other socially backward classes. Ambedkar was appointed as India’s first Law Minister in the Cabinet of Jawaharlal Nehru. Dr. Ambedkar was appointed as the chairman of the…

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Rahul Dravid Nation Sports 

Less-known facts about the great wall of India ‘Rahul Dravid’

Dravid is undoubtedly one of the greatest cricketers India has ever produced. With over 10,000 runs in both ODIs and Tests, Dravid showed his class and temperament in all conditions. As it is popularly quoted among fans, ‘If cricket is a gentleman’s game, then Rahul Dravid is that gentleman.’ While people might feel they know enough about this batting great, there are a few facts unknown. Here are 40 amazing facts about Rahul Dravid – The Great Wall of India. We all know his playing style and the reason we…

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Baba Harbhajan Singh Nation 

Baba Harbhajan Singh: Soldier On duty even after death.

All of us are proud of our brave Indian army and know that they are 24/7 on duty just to protect us. Many soldiers have martyred while protecting the line of control. However, there is one soldier who seems to be duty even after 50 years of his death. Baba Harbhajan Singh was an Indian army soldier. He is revered as the “Hero of Nathula” by soldiers of the Indian army and a shrine was built in his honor by Indian Army. He was accorded the status of the saint…

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closest point to the moon Nation Travel 

Closest point to the moon on Earth? It is not Mount Everest.

As we all know, Mount Everest is Earth’s highest mountain above sea level. It is located in the Mahalangur Himal sub-range of the Himalayas. The international border between China (Tibet Autonomous Region) and Nepal (Province No. 1) runs across its summit point. The current official elevation of 8,848 m (29,029 ft.), recognized by China and Nepal, was established by a 1955 Indian survey and subsequently confirmed by a Chinese survey in 1975. Now Suppose I ask you to find the closest point to the moon on earth, the stars and…

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Five Shiva Temples - Pancha Bhoota Stalam Mythology Nation 

Pancha Bhoota Stalam: Five Shiva temples dedicated to 5 elements, 3 temples in straight line

Pancha Bhoota Sthalam refers to the five Shiva temples dedicated to Shiva, each representing the manifestation of the five prime elements of nature- earth, water, air, sky, fire. Pancha indicates Five, Bhoota means elements and Sthalam means place. All these temples are in South India with four of these temples in Tamilnadu and one in present-day Andhra Pradesh. The five elements are believed to be preserved in the five lingams and each shiva lingam has a distinct name based on the elements they represent. 1. Sky – Chidambaram Temple –…

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startups fail Nation Trending 

Why do most of the startups fail ?

A startup has become one of the prominent highlighted members in the list of current trends of the 21st century. Almost every youngster, not just in India, but even in the foreign land, focussing more on having a startup done, rather than working under some other person at an MNC or at some Government job.For today’s world, startup means opening your own company, attracting others by their products, selling these products, earning money, gaining profit, and finally earning fame. Let’s try to understand why do startups fail? Obviously, everyone wants…

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