Vanilla Extract Cooking 

How to Make Homemade Vanilla Extract

Vanilla extract is a common ingredient in baked goods, but you can use it to flavor other foods as well, such as oatmeal and other hot cereals, yogurt, smoothies, and frozen desserts. It’s easy to make your own vanilla extract at home and you’ll save money doing so. Homemade vanilla extract makes a lovely gift, too. Just put it in a decorative bottle and tie a ribbon around it. All you need to make vanilla extract is two or three vanilla beans, ¾ cup of vodka, and a small glass…

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Falafel Cooking 

Falafel: Delicious Chickpeas snack to munch on

Falafel is a very popular Mediterranean snack item which is not only delicious and healthy  but also easy to cook . The main ingredient of falafel is Chickpeas. It could be served as a  tea time snack or could also be an add on to starter section of your party menu. Falafel is a favorite among vegetarians. The spices are important and should be personalized to taste.So lets see how to cook hearty healthy traditional Falafel at home. Serving Size: 2 people Ingredients: • 1 Small bowl chickpea/ chhole • 1 roughly…

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