save money Finance 

8 effective ways to save money for the future

It is much easier and enjoyable to sit back and spent all the money every month, purchase whatever we want and forget about the future living in the present. Between today and the end of earning days, a lot more can happen- we might face a decrease in the salary due to the recession, can even lose a job or can be admitted in the hospital. Our life is full of uncertainties. Hence, savings become necessary not only for retirement purpose but also for precautionary motives as well. But the question…

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Passive Income ideas Finance 

9 Passive income ideas for 2018 in India

Believe me, most of us keep thinking about having some passive income sources which can generate some side income for us. If you can invest some of your time in passive income activities, this list is for you. You must think about having some passive income source. Feel free to share any ideas which you think might be added in below list. In this article, we will see some good passive income ideas for 2018 that we can practice in India. Start your Blog/Website – Here are passive income ideas to…

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What is cryptocurrency and how to buy it

Cryptocurrency became the buzzword not only in India, overall world. However, there are many out there who know very little about cryptocurrencies. And that is my motivation today – to write for such people and make them aware of the terminologies. What is cryptocurrency? Cryptocurrency is a virtual currency, digital money/cash, or tokens that are not really like Indian Rupees or U.S. Dollars. They live online and are not backed by a government. It uses cryptography to secure and verify transactions as well as to control the creation of new…

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mutual funds in India Finance 

How To invest in mutual funds in India

Mutual Funds are investment schemes which are professionally by managed an Asset Management Company (AMC). Money from several investors is pooled by an Asset Management Company (AMC) and then combined money is invested in different market instruments such as debt, equity and money market securities. The resulting profit after all fees and deductions is given back to the investors as dividends or capital appreciation by the AMC. Mutual Funds are regulated by the Association of Mutual Funds in India (AMFI). Let’s go into details and understand how to invest in…

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