Popular doordarshan sitcoms Entertainment Humor 

Popular Doordarshan sitcoms which made our childhood

We grew up watching Doordarshan tv serials which are always close to our heart and we want to watch them again and again. These days there are so many channels, and we have the option to watch so many TV series but none can replace the joy of watching these old Doordarshan TV comedy serials which used to make us laugh and we used to forget all of our school tensions while enjoying these shows. Most of the shows are available on YouTube and you can relive your memories. Are…

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people we meet during our train journey Humor Travel 

15 types of people we meet during our train journey

We all have traveled in trains. And every journey gives us a new experience. People vary as the places vary. But some common qualities always tend to stay in the train travelers. Fifteen types of people we all meet during our train journey are: 1) THE ONES WHO HAVE A LOTS OF LUGGAGE – People who carry lots of bags with themselves, trying to fit them wherever possible, at those slabs on the top or the vacant place below the seats. 2) ‎THE ONES WHO ARE TOO TALKATIVE. They keep…

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