Flexibility Lifestyle 

Increase Your Flexibility To Enhance Quality Of Your Life!

Why is being flexible important? Well, being flexible should be an integral part of your fitness arsenal. When you have flexible joints, you tend to have good posture, and your joints will need less energy to move through a larger range of motion. However, many underestimate the significance flexibility regimen imparts to the human body. As a result, they tend to face many difficulties while doing daily home activities and chores. Have you been facing any difficulty stretching out to tie your shoes? Or, have you always harbored the dream…

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Electric Bike Lifestyle Trending 

12 Great Reasons To Commute On An Electric Bike

One of your new year’s resolutions was to be more active and incorporate more exercise in movement in your life? If you are used to a more sedentary lifestyle it can be difficult to start hitting the gym, or start running several miles a day, so why not try something more different and more accessible like commuting on an electric bike instead? An electric bike has a motor and battery which will assist you as you ride, so you won’t have to pedal uphill or when going against the wind.…

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New Year's Resolution ideas Lifestyle Trending 

Top 15 Interesting New Year’s Resolution ideas for 2019

It’s New Year’s time! The time when everyone sets a goal for themselves and hopes to fulfill them. A new year does not only mean the changing of the time, for many people it’s the new era of rejuvenation, renewal, and transformation. Around New Year’s people make them believe that they will do better this year, and pray for a better tomorrow. New Year’s resolution, by definition, means a promise a person makes to do something good or to quit something bad on the first day of the year. That…

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make him yours forever Lifestyle Trending 

7 Ways To Make Him Yours Forever this Valentines Day

Let me start this by saying, I am a hopeless romantic. I see love in every relationship, something to work for, something to feel about, something worth living for. So, when it comes to Valentine’s Day when love is airing in the atmosphere and Cupid is at its best, we all tend to get a little more indulged in our hearty affairs. We are constantly looking for something that might express how deep our love is for our soulmate and this is where it might get tricky. It is globally…

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living near lake Health Lifestyle 

How Living Near a Lake Can Enhance Your Overall Health

There is nothing like living near a lake to enhance your overall health and improve your quality of life. Anyone who has ever lived by a lake knows that the lake becomes a part of the fabric of their being. You may move away and live someplace else, but the lake will always be with you, calling you home. If you are fortunate enough to live on or near the water, you’ll find that it can help you to live a healthy lifestyle. You’ll never want to leave. Here is…

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Happy new year resolutions Lifestyle Trending 

Things To Do For A Better And Happier New Year 2019 | New Year Resolutions

“Cheers to a New Year and another chance for us to get it right.” It’s that time of year again! Time to focus on the New Year, the new you and the new chances. Resolving to try something new is exciting. You see people coming up with lists of things they want to start doing. Whether it’s about changing one’s diet or adopting a new attitude, it’s always something that makes the current year better and more fulfilling than the last. Trying new things almost have unexpected benefits. Looking for…

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strawberry health benefits Health Lifestyle 

16 Amazing Health Benefits Of Strawberry That Might Convince You To Eat More

Also called the garden strawberry (scientifically called Fragaria x ananassa), this fruit belongs to the genus Fragaria. It is quite popular for its characteristic aroma, bright red colour, sweetness, and the juicy texture. At peak during spring and early summer, strawberries are sweet, tart, and juicy. Apart from their delicious taste, strawberries offer an abundance of health and wellness benefits. As a great source of fibre, vitamin C, and antioxidants, strawberries can benefit your health in the following ways. 1. Improves Immunity Strawberries are excellent sources of vitamin C. Just…

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cab services in India Lifestyle Travel 

Top 5 Cab Services In India To Use In 2019 For Comfortable Rides!

With the growing population of India and urban immigration at its peak, there is a necessity for a better transportation system. This generates a demand for a service which is reliable, safe and comfortable to travel in at a pocket-friendly expense. The huge surge in the market has paved a way for the taxi and cab service systems in the country, the leading amongst which are the following: 1. Uber: Uber is an American company that has made a mark in India in the year 2013 with an aim to…

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russian wedding traditions Lifestyle Trending 

9 Interesting Facts About Russian Wedding traditions

Talking about Russian wedding, many foreigners immediately start thinking about some horrible stereotypes or fish stories which have nothing in common with reality. People who decide to date vegetarian singles can face a similar situation just because, on the one hand, they have heard a lot about that, but on the other hand, they have never been really interested in the real facts. Usually, women tend to get all caught up in all the preparatory processes, while their future husbands take care only about ensuring enough money. Russian girls are…

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Lifestyle Movies 

Top 24 Bollywood Comedy Movies to make your day

We know “Laughter is the best medicine”. Bollywood has given us so many hilarious comedy movies. Let’s look at the best Bollywood comedy movies which can make your day. Are you ready for the laughter? Here is the list of top Hindi comedy movies. 1. Andaz Apna Apna (1994) Amar (Aamir Khan) and Prem (Salman Khan) are two rivals who belong to middle-class families with no scope of future. Both individually, without the knowledge of the each other decide to take matters into their hands and find ways to get…

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