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Types of men to avoid for getting rid of toxic relationship

Relationships have become very fickle nowadays and with changing times the concept of love is also changing. There is no guarantee till when the relationship might work or how to save it. With divorce rate increasing rapidly the need of an hour is to choose, analyse and select wisely instead of repenting later. A girl needs to have clarity about how she wants the relationship to be and take a firm stand on things she dislikes. Thus rather than being careless having attention is important than waiting for the unavoidable.…

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10 Easy Routines For Healthy Weight Loss

Weight management is the need of an hour as an excess fat gives an invitation to heart diseases and other bodily ailments. During earlier times people did diet and exercise by eating a healthy meal and working in fields thus maintaining a fit body. The current period dominated by Junk has become a major reason for obesity and rapid weight gain, especially among teenagers and kids. Switching to a healthy lifestyle will promote disease-free and sickness free life. It is scientifically proven that adopting any habit and continuing it for…

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weird restaurants Lifestyle Trending 

Top 10 most weird restaurants around the world

Weird isn’t always a bad thing, in fact, it is an innate expression of human creativity and these cafes from all across the globe can prove this point right. Here is a list of 8 most weird restaurants around the world which you must check out in 2019. 1. Modern Toilet, Taiwan This restaurant is toilet themed and is on the top of the list of the weirdest restaurants in the world.  When you enter, you are made to sit on covered toilet seats and served in dishes that are…

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7 Effective Ways To Deal With Stress In Life

In psychology, stress is a feeling of immense strain and pressure. It is the body’s way of responding to any kind of demand or threat. Stress is a psychological pain. Stress in the small amount may be desired, can be the beneficial and even healthy but excessive amount of stress may lead to bodily harm. Excessive stress can increase the risk of strokes and can also cause heart attacks, mental illness such as anxiety, depression. Are you finding the difficulties to deal with stress, check this out! These days stress…

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bizarre marriage rituals Around The World Lifestyle Trending 

15 Most Bizarre Marriage Rituals Across The World

Marriages are memorable part in one’s lifetime and also styles of celebrating it differs among the various section of people. Marriage means fun, joy, gathering and union of two people. But there are some strange wedding customs that are practised by people. These marriage rituals are shocking and jaw-dropping. Here is the list of 15 most bizarre marriage rituals across the world. 1. Bride’s loss is Aunt’s gain (Eastern Africa) The Banyankole tribal group in Kenya follow a weird tradition before the wedding where the bride’s aunt has to check the…

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Benefits of green tea Health Lifestyle 

Benefits of Green Tea | Why You Should Replace Regular Tea with Green Tea

Green tea is a beverage that is known for its wide array of health benefits. Green Tea has been consumed in Eastern countries since ancient times for its health effects. It is now consumed globally as a favoured beverage and has become the favourite beverage of many people. The health benefits of green tea are attracting many people around the globe. Many people are replacing their normal tea with green tea. Green tea is a powerhouse of powerful antioxidants and has a wide range of health benefits. Green tea should…

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teeth whitening tips Health Lifestyle 

 11 Natural And Simple Ways To Whiten Your Teeth

Teeth are one of the first things people notice, they are a sign of health as well as confidence. You should always maintain good dental hygiene practices to keep your teeth great and strong. Who doesn’t want to have a beautiful smile with white and sparkling teeth? In this article, we will be discussing the natural and simple ways to whiten your teeth. First, let’s look at multiple factors contributing to the discolouration of your teeth. Drinking Coffee/ Green-Black tea/ Red wine Smoking cigarettes Ageing Taking an acidic diet (soft drinks/soda) Xerostomia…

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Pre-Wedding Photography In Kolkata Lifestyle 

10 Locations For A Stunning Pre-Wedding Photography In Kolkata

Photographs are what gives a couple the memories that they would cherish forever. When wedding photography is being talked about, one trend that is dominating the floor is undoubtedly pre-wedding photo shoot. Pre-wedding photo shoots allow the couple to create some unmatchable and irreplaceable moments seized into photographs. Mostly, couples and photographers prefer outdoor locations and the choice of the location is really an important decision. It can do wonders for your shoot. For the to-be-married couples of Kolkata, here are the best pre-wedding shoot locations in Kolkata. 1. Hooghly…

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Emoticons quiz Lifestyle Quiz 

Emoticon Quiz: Do you know what these emoticons really mean?

After the emergence of Social media, we all have started using emoticons to showcase our emotions over chat. Are you the one who uses emoticons a lot over chat messages? Here we have an interesting emoticon quiz for you. Participate in this quiz and see do you actually know what these emoticons actually mean. A lot of us use emoji to say something else completely – can you guess these emojis’ original meaning? Did you like this quiz, let us know in the comment section.

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5 Best Relationship Goals For Young Couples For New Year 2019

A relationship is a bond that two people shares. Not only just a bond but it’s a feeling of joy feeling of having someone who is always there for you no matter what the situation is. It’s the feeling of emptiness if the better half is not with you, it’s the feeling of protection if your better half is holding your hands, it’s the feeling of joy when the two have some time to share with each other, and it’s the feeling of care when you find the other half…

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