know yourself better Motivation 

How To Know Yourself Better | Follow These Six Specific Ways To Find Out!

How many times a day do you stop to look at things that surround you and relate to you? Give a quick think! In this fast-moving world of social networking, I suppose hardly anyone of you spends time to analyse yourself. Knowing yourself doesn’t only mean what things you like but rather it relates directly to the better choices and decisions you take up for your life. Trust me once you understand your deep down potential and zeal, you will be in the well of happiness beyond your imagination. Let’s…

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Dope bird test Motivation Trending 

Dope Bird Test – Know Your Secret Personality Traits

One of the most prominent ways to success is to know urself. It takes years to identify the characteristics or hidden personality traits. Here we have brought an interesting DOPE bird test through which we will tell about your inner secret personality traits. All you need to do is choose a bird from DOPE (Dove, Owl, Peacock, Eagle) without thinking much and we will try to decode the secret personality traits for you.  Dove – If you have chosen Dove, you are peaceful and friendly. You are a person of diplomacy…

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law of attraction Motivation Trending 

Law of Attraction – The secret to achieve anything

Have you heard about the Law of attraction? This is a very simple law which can help you achieve anything in your life. In one simple line law of attraction is “you become what you think you are”. there is a relationship between you and the universe and this relationship is controlled by the law of attraction. The happier thoughts you think about, the happier you become. The universe will you more happiness because that is what you asked for. You (or indirectly your subconscious mind) always sends signals to…

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top indian ceos Motivation Nation 

Top Indian CEOs who are heading global organizations

YES! We can say this proudly ” Indian CEO’s ruling the World “, According to the survey, it has been found that India is progressing at a very rapid pace towards globalization. A number of Indians are seen taking charge as CEO for various Multinational companies. This proves that India is not only readily starting up MNC’s but are also well established in leading these MNC’s. The most topmost name in that list is, of course, the Google’s CEO, Sundar Pichai. Here are a few other names also on the…

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Life hacks Motivation Trending 

11 life hacks to keep yourself together

Sometimes we get so busy that we forget to take care of ourselves or maybe we don’t forget we just can’t find the time to do so. If you are honest with yourself then you have to keep self-care a priority. we all work to make a living but during the time we tend to forget our basic needs like self-care and having a “put together life”. Life is important but living life in an appropriate manner and making the best of it is way more important. Here are some…

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Top inspirational books Books Motivation Trending 

7 Top Inspirational Books Every College Student Must Read

College days considered to be the quintessential time to explore the vast world of literature and expand your knowledge. If you are an avid reader it is most likely that you have a huge reading list or if you were gone back in school days and lost the habit of reading in the twists and turns of life you must now think of rekindling the habit of reading and make good use of your college days. Keeping that in mind here goes a list of Top inspirational books that you…

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Personality traits Motivation Trending 

Here Are Your Personality Traits Based On The Tree You Choose

Looking to know more about yourself, who doesn’t like? Thank you all for the amazing response to the post, we shared on our Facebook page. We understand that you are waiting for your personality traits based on the tree you picked. Please find the image in case if you haven’t seen on Facebook. #1: If You have chosen number 1, you tend to be a big-hearted and moral (not to confuse with moralizing) kind of a person. You look out for self-improvement. You like to set standards for yourself and are…

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Journey to success Motivation Trending 

Why journey to success is more important than destination?

“So I’ve come this far…” Looking back on the progress I’ve made over the years, I can definitely say I’m better off where I am now than where I was before. I’m someone who desperately attempts to remain positive in every I’m someone who desperately attempts to remain positive in every situation, but I am also someone very plagued by the horror of overthinking. No matter how old I get or how much I accomplish, the one lingering question that stays in the back of my mind is “Why do…

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10 Best inspirational speeches of all time Motivation Trending 

10 Best inspirational speeches of all time

Life is a rollercoaster ride with several ups and downs. There is no time to give up on your dreams, in your life no matter what happens. Life is not a straight path, you have winding roads, parting roads filled with failure, sorrow, and misery but failing is no crime. At some point of life, you have to fail just to learn how to move forward, in life sometimes you have to fall just to stand up and walk. Do you have dreams? You want to succeed, yet failing numerous times…

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deal with stress Lifestyle Motivation 

7 Effective Ways to deal with stress in life

In psychology, stress is a feeling of immense strain and pressure. Stress is body’s way of responding to any kind of demand or threat. Stress is a psychological pain. Stress in the small amount may be desired, can be the beneficial and even healthy but excessive amount of stress may lead to bodily harm. Excessive stress can increase the risk of strokes and can also cause heart attacks, mental illness such as anxiety, depression. Are you finding the difficulties to deal with stress, check this out! These days stress is…

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