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10 Different Names For Your Favourite Pani Puri

The word “Pani Puri” brings water into our mouths. This snack is hugely popular and regarded as a staple street snack all over India. We all relish it and can’t get over with the obsession with its taste differing from place to place. Once a person eats the Pani Puri which has a balloon-like structure, crunchy and flavoursome touch to it is unstoppable. The term Chaat had derived from Hindi word   (चाट ) which means a delicacy or from Prakriti word ( चट्टेइ ) means to relish or eat…

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10 Best Italian Dishes That Will Make you Drool

Italian dishes are increasing its popularity throughout the world.  While we mostly think about Pizza and Pasta when talking about Italian dishes, there are many Italian dishes which are very unique and delicious.  You should try these Italian dishes, appetizers, desserts whenever you are planning an Italian meal. Here are the 10 best Italian dishes you need to search in the Italian restaurant’s menu. 1. Bruschetta Bruschetta is a popular antipasto (the traditional first course of a formal Italian meal) from Italy. The dish consists of grilled garlic bread seasoned with…

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Best Non-Veg authentic Indian Dishes Food Trending 

5 Best Non-Veg authentic Indian Dishes you must taste

India is a country of food lovers and as a country, we are known for our spicy delicacies.  So many dishes originated from India and become popular all over the world.  If you are a non-vegetarian and love Indian dishes, you should definitely try these best non-veg authentic Indian dishes. I am sure your mouths have started watering by now, read about below dishes and see if you can resist trying them. 1. ROGAN JOSH – It is an authentic mutton or lamb dish of Kashmiri / Persian origin notable…

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