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CBD Pre Rolls: Are They The Same Thing As CBD Joints And CBD Cigarettes?

Smoking the hemp flower which is high in CBD is grabbing the attention of the cannabidiol community. It’s relatively new, leaving a little bit of confusion in its tracks as far as terminology, the effects, and certain misconceptions for users who are confusing the compound with its cousin THC and other harmful agents, like nicotine. Any time something new comes along, there will be questions until people become familiar. Check out different forms for smoking hemp flowers.

Fortunately, if you break things down, you can assess certain conclusions instantly. Hemp is a substance that became legal a few years ago. It has to contain only a trace or less THC in order to remain legal. THC is the component of cannabis that induces the “high” when consuming marijuana. While hemp is low in THC, it is rich in CBD, which boasts therapeutic properties that are more powerful when consumed via the flower in its natural, organic state. How you choose to administer the bud is a matter of preference, but many people are opting to smoke the dried flower. 

Confusion Surrounding CBD Pre Rolls, Joints, And Cigarettes

If it looks like a joint . . . That has caused a great deal of confusion in the CBD community. When something looks, smells, and tastes like marijuana, it must have the same effects, right? Not actually. 

While CBD pre rolls look remarkably like marijuana, the effects are vastly different because one has THC, and cannabidiol does not. CBD bud cigarettes also have been confused with tobacco products but offer no nicotine.

Let us break down some of the misperceptions concerning smoking CBD-rich hemp buds.


CBD hemp flowers, either in pre-roll form or cigarettes or joints, do not have the capacity to make you “high.” These products derive from a hemp species of the cannabis plant, which contains merely trace levels of THC or tetrahydrocannabinol. That is the psychoactive responsible for the “high” you get when consuming marijuana. The amount in these products is not nearly enough to induce intoxication or alter consciousness. Not only that, CBD cigarettes might look like an actual tobacco cigarette, but there is no tobacco or nicotine in the compound. It is an all-natural, organic hemp flower with elevated levels of cannabidiol. There are no harmful ingredients, and the substance produces no harsh effects.


The suggestion is that CBD Pre-rolls and the CBD joints are basically the same. That is not 100% accurate. A pre-roll is ready-made without the need to do any of the measurements of the compound for dosing, filling, or wrapping yourself. The rolls come to you finished with a predetermined dose.With the joints, you can measure the compound out to the dose of your choice and wrap it as you wish. The problem with using the term “joint” is people automatically associate getting “high” with the word “joint” despite CBD being non-psychoactive and nothing like THC and hemp having minimal amounts of THC. There is nothing about the CBD bud that can induce an intoxicating effect. The most you experience is a sense of calm combined with clarity.


A hemp cigarette is one of the most confusing of the three. If you use the term “cigarette,” people naturally assume there will be tobacco/nicotine in the substance. That is not true in the case of cannabidiol cigarettes. These are CBD-rich hemp flower ground up and put into traditional cigarette wrappings with filtering at the end. These do look just like a traditional cigarette causing incredible confusion, but the inside filler is hemp bud enriched with cannabidiol, all natural.

The psychological effects that you get from “joints” and “cigarettes” can prove comparable to the traditional products only these provide potential therapeutic advantages. For tobacco/nicotine users, the act of smoking a CBD cigarette creates a type of simulation for a genuine tobacco cigarette. For those who are attempting to stop the addiction to tobacco, hemp cigarettes can be of benefit because they satisfy the urge to smoke tobacco without providing the dangerous substances and also have the potential to reduce the symptoms of withdrawal from the nicotine.

The thing most people are finding advantageous is achieving the wellness benefits from the hemp species but without the mind-altering effects of the THC component. This has led to some even indulging in CBD joints in a recreational capacity over marijuana.

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