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Characteristics of a Good Digital Currency

What can make a digital currency ideally suitable? Out of thousands of digital currencies –, it is nearly impossible to chalk out the properties that can make money superlatively good. The primary reason behind it is that cryptocurrency is not as promising as fiat currency in terms of stability and regulations. So, it cannot be regarded as an ideal place to invent.

This article, however, discusses some set of characteristics that help the cryptocurrency grab the top spots in the list. Let’s have a sneak-peek into it.


Before looking into the properties of cryptocurrency, let’s have a brief introduction to cryptocurrency and the way it works. Cryptocurrency is a virtual form of money that exists as computer software and is traded on online platforms.

It works through a distributed ledger system, which shares the details of the network with all users having peer-to-peer attached computers. This P2P system makes it accessible to all users. It results in enhanced transparency of the entire ledger system. Each transaction is stored in the form of blocks using smart contracts. A block is created and entered into the blockchain network every time a transaction is verified.

Cryptocurrency is used for various purposes, including fast transactions, store of value, etc. But here are specific points that make it advantageous in all ways.

What makes a digital currency ideally perfect?

Several digital currencies exist on computerized platforms. It would be hard for someone who wants to buy computer-generated money to select one. For that purpose, he should look out for exceptional properties in it. Below mentioned are the qualities that a digital currency must possess to make it suitable for the users:

It should be highly secure

Security issues in a Defi system are the foremost concern of investors. A digital currency that provides you with a highly secure network is a blessing in disguise. However, you must follow some tips to enhance the security of your funds. Select a reputable digital wallet. Hold 80% of your funds in a cold wallet (operated offline) and the remaining 20% in your hot or online wallet. This is because hot wallets are highly vulnerable to cyber-attacks.

It must be fully decentralized

A digital currency that excludes the involvement of intermediaries and enables you to control your funds is what everyone longed for. Central authorities, such as banks, do not have any right to interfere in the trade. Unlike the traditional market’s banks, which keep the record of the financial activities extremely private, the financial activities in a digital market are accessible to everyone to make it transparent.

It must have the ability to address the scalability issue

A good computer-generated currency prioritizes the needs of users. People nowadays are looking for platforms that process transactions within seconds. The ability to process transactions within a second is termed as scalability. Not all currencies can provide a solution to this problem. Therefore, a user must always look out for coins that solve the scalability problems to enjoy faster transactions across the globe.

It should have easy to handle the infrastructure

A user-friendly platform is much more attractive to people than one with complex operating systems. A currency that is easy to handle is what people look for. Therefore, a simple website structure is among the qualities that make a digital currency outstanding.

It must have the qualities aligning with your financial goals

Every person’s goal for purchasing a digital currency is different from others. Some people enter the digital market for quick transactions, some for low gas fees, while others just use it as a medium of store of value. Therefore, a currency that aligns with yo financial requirement is what you should look for. For instance, Bitcoin provides users with potential returns but does not solve scalability issues. On the other hand, its fork, Bitcoin Cash, may not offer that much profit, but it provides relatively quick transactions. Ao, an investor needs to go for Bitcoin, and the person who wants to send transactions worldwide should choose Bitcoin Cash.

High in demand with limited supply

This criterion makes it highly valuable. So if one is looking for an investment purpose, he must go for a currency with high demand and a limited supply.

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