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Dafabet Review – Everything You should know about

Dafabet is a giant in the online betting Industry. Not only online casinos & gaming, Dafabet has become a giant in sports betting as well. It has been around since 2004 & it was established in the Philippines. Dafabet is owned by the famous AsianBGE company, which has ties through sponsorship deals with major sports clubs throughout Europe and Asia — a truth that speaks for Dafabet’s presence in the world of sports. Asian BGE is also associated with Nextbet Sportsbook, Platinumbet, BetFrontier, Zipang Casino, 777Baby, Casino Jamboree, and Dreamspin88 amongst its other holdings. 

In early days, Dafabet was only available in major Asian countries like Thailand, Indonesia, Malaysia & Vietnam, but it quickly took a step to move towards the European & United Kingdom market which was their ultimate desire. 

They planned their promotion in two steps. At first, In 2011, they signed footballer Alan Shearer to make his name in the Asian sports community and generate excitement for the matches. In the second step, In 2012, Dafabet started its partnerships in the UK & sponsored teams like Everton and West Bromwich Albion, new to the Premier League at that time.

Dafabet Sportsbook

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Although Dafabet is primarily a casino website, it also offers a huge collection of sports books. Dafabet’s sports betting is one of the popular attractions for bettors. Also, at Dafabet, there is not just one, but two different sportsbooks.

The primary Dafabet sportsbook is called Dafa Sports, it has a huge collection of sports betting from across the globe and the old sportsbook is called OW Sports. There is no big difference between the two sportsbooks but there are way more sports and betting options in the Dafa Sports section, and the layout also looks more modern. It looks like they just kept the old OW sportsbook on the site, in order to avoid disappointing players who were happy with this sportsbook. The OW sportsbook has been around for quite a few years. It has an old-school look and feel, and some players may prefer this option, but the downside is that the selection of different sports is quite limited, and it doesn’t have the same features and functions as a new and modern sportsbook.

Dafabet sports has a huge collection of sports betting like cricket, football, badminton, tennis, American Football, Baseball, Golf, Boxing, MMA, UFC & many more. The collection is so huge that the probability of winning is much higher than other platforms.

With a huge collection of sports, Dafabet really works hard to provide options on odds to bet on different sports. They have a long list of odds on every sport from the beginning of the game till the award ceremony.

If you are new to Dafabet, we recommend that you stick to Dafa Sports, the newest and best sportsbook on Dafabet. Dafabet also provides the details of individual players if you are betting on sports like cricket or football.

Dafabet Sports bonus

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For Dafabet sports, if you register with them, you will get 160% of your deposit upto Rs. 16000. This deal you won’t find on any of the platforms in the industry. All you need to do is just visit the website, click on the “Claim” tab, create a new account with Dafabet & last step is to make a minimum deposit for Rs. 1000  to your new account. It’s that easy to receive their welcome bonus. Before you claim it, you must go through following terms & conditions for a flawless transaction:

  1. This offer is only for Indian players
  2. Players must send their bonus claim to Dafabet before placing any bets on the sportsbook
  3. The maximum bonus is Rs. 16000

It is simple, easy to understand & even if you are new to the betting world, you will be able to receive it.

Dafabet also has promotions every now & then to retain their existing clients which you can check out once you receive the welcome bonus.

Dafabet – Banking Methods

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Deposits: Dafabet has done it’s research for its Indian players on how they can deposit their money in the Dafabet account after registration. For the players from India, they accept both Credit and Debit Cards, Netbanking and Instant Bank Transfers as well. The minimum deposit limit varies from INR 500 to INR 1000. Besides these, they accept Neteller and Skrill, in which withdrawals will be in your account within a matter of minutes. Dafabet accepts most commonly used methods of money transfer to make the deposits easier.

Withdrawal: Dafabet’s withdrawal options are also simple & similar as payment options. Apart from Neteller and Skrill where you can withdraw instantly, you also have an option of withdrawing directly to your bank account in India. In our experience, once you complete your KYC process with uploading your PAN card, the bank withdrawal takes less than 48 hours.

Looking at the banking methods, it is clear that Dafabet’s transactions are simple & quick & they want your money to be safe.

Dafabet – Conclusion

There is no doubt that Dafabet is the best platform to place your bets. It’s easy to understand, simple to register & once you register, it has a generous amount of bonuses & promotions for their clients. All you need to do is to agree & follow their terms & conditions. They have a large collection of sports books, which gives the bettors more options to bet but at the same time, this is Dafabet’s one of the negative sides, it becomes confusing for the punters who are willing to bet on Dafabet sports. Also, if you visit their website, too many options to bet or too many options to play, has made their site cluttered. The look & feel of the website has become too complicated. The best thing on Dafabet is their live casino which keeps you engaged & makes it an interactive session. Their banking methods are simple & straight forward which builds trust among its clients. In the end, Dafabet can be trusted & explored if you want to have a brilliant experience of online casino & betting. So what are you waiting for, place your bets before the game begins.

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