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How to Make the Best Use of Jokers in Indian Rummy

Rummy is one of the most commonly played card games all over the world. This card game has become so popular because of its simplicity and its exciting nature, and hence enjoyed by many who play rummy games every day to keep themselves productive.

Like most card games, rummy too has its own set of rules and strategies. If you have ever played rummy, you will know that there is always a chance of getting one or more jokers in the game. A joker is a valuable addition to the deck. Jokers in rummy are probably the most important cards and when you play them right, you have huge chances of winning the game. If you’re new to online rummy, you can play rummy for free with the Junglee Rummy game app available to download from the Play Store for free.

Before understanding how to make the best use of jokers in a rummy game, let us first understand the different types of jokers in rummy and their role in the game.

Types of Jokers in Rummy

Rummy has two types of jokers, each of which has an important use:

1. Wild joker

A wild joker is a card that is randomly selected at the beginning of each game, which can be used to substitute any missing card required to complete a sequence or a set. This card and its counterparts from the rest of the suits can then be used as a replacement for any other card throughout that particular game. For example, if the 5 of spades is chosen as a wild joker for a game, the 5 of hearts, clubs and diamonds all automatically become wild jokers for the game.

2. Printed joker

A printed jokers, as the name suggests, is a regular card with an image of the joker printed on it, which is available in a card deck. These cards can be used as a replacement for any other card, irrespective of the suit. For example, if you have the 7 and 9 of hearts, but aren’t able to get the 8 of hearts, you can use a printed joker as a substitute for the 8 of hearts to complete your sequence.

The Importance of Jokers in Rummy

As mentioned earlier, jokers can be extremely advantageous while playing rummy. There are a few reasons why the jokers can be so important to you while playing rummy:

Jokers aid in completing your sequence or set when you cannot find the actual card required to complete the combination. They act as wild cards, which are the perfect substitute for your missing cards. They help you finish the game faster and give you a competitive advantage if you stay alert while you play rummy online.

How to Use the Jokers Smartly

Simply having jokers won’t make you win rummy games. There’s a lot more to the game than just having a competitive advantage with jokers. You must also know how to use these cards correctly and remain alert throughout the game. Here are a few things you can do to use the cards to your advantage in rummy:

1.     Use the joker only in triplets

To leverage the fullest potential of the joker, avoid using it in quadruplets or more. For example, if you already have a complete set or a sequence of 3 cards, using the joker there would be useless, as they are already in accordance with the rules of the game. Instead, use the joker in another set or another sequence with a missing card.

2.     Avoid using the wild joker for its face value

If the 2 of clubs is a wild joker for a particular game and you already have a 3 of clubs and a 4 of clubs, it is advisable to not use the wild joker in that particular sequence as it provides no special advantage. Instead use it elsewhere or save it till you can fully leverage the potential of the card. Use the wild joker for its face value only as a last resort.

3.     Try to group the joker with high-value cards

If you have too many high-value cards like the king, queen, jack and ace, which are worth 10 points each, it is advisable to find a way to group them with the joker to form a sequence or a set. This is because otherwise you might be in for a big loss if your opponent declares their hand before you. To keep yourself clear of the penalty that comes with ungrouped cards, you must use your jokers wisely and group them with high-value cards.

4.     Be alert and mindful while using the card

Remember that the card is also a weapon. You do not want to make a wrong move that can cost you the game. Use the joker for its value only as an advantage. At the same time, always be attentive, vigilant and mindful of when to use the joker and when not to. In conclusion, use your jokers for the right reasons and not for a wrong move.


The point of playing rummy is to use your wits and skills to dominate the game. Your use of the joker can make or break your game. Play wisely and remember to always play to win. You can play cash rummy games and win real money in prizes by showcasing your rummy skills on the Junglee Rummy app available on the Junglee Rummy official website. Showcase your rummy skills to take home whopping big cash prizes! Happy gaming!

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