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Make Your Gaming Consoles Germ Free

You might wonder how much germs accumulate in the gaming consoles you use. Here we discuss popular consoles and which tend to get the dirtiest.

In recent times we see increasing buy and usage of video games. Hence, there is a lot of comparison as to which gaming console is best against different parameters.

Gamers would not want their gaming consoles to be unclean. However, it often does not occur to gamers to clean keyboards or the controllers they use. At the same time, they are spending a lot of time touching them.

Studies have been conducted to show how bacteria gather on different devices. Here we present findings of research found on Betway’s blog page that bases its findings on 12 sets of computers and consoles randomly selected. It also includes computers, consoles, toilet seats, and kitchen tables. Findings show that bacteria, yeast, and mould can gather on your consoles in the following ways:


This might be top-selling, especially the latest generation. However, studies show that it also gathers germs the most, only a step behind PCs.

Samples that are analyzed reveal that per swab come off with 72.5 bacteria units. This is even 2.4 times than the germs that accumulate on toilet seats.

If you are wondering how much bacteria is on the average console, parts that gather bacteria most are joysticks and buttons. The median number of bacteria colonies is 190 whereas it can go up to 650 units in certain sample sets.


It is a gaming platform that is cleaner and tests show that consoles come off with 62.5 units of bacteria per swab. This is double what is found on toilet seats.

The number of triggers was lowest for Xbox, about 15. However, controller handles tend to gather bacteria most, about 82.5.

Xbox shows that samples that tested to be most dirty included 5614 units of colony-forming bacteria.


It is not usually included under game consoles but bacteria accumulation is worst in such devices.

Keyboards tend to accumulate a median number of 165 units per swab. However, the mouse picks up bacteria mostly.

The median number of mouse swabs is around 247.5 units of bacteria. This is slightly lower than what you find on kitchen surfaces. That is also because electrical components tend to be delicate for which cleaning them regularly, especially with disinfectants, is not possible.

PCs have an “on” button which usually accumulates more bacteria. The median number shows 115 units found on each swab.


Nintendo Switch has the cleanest consoles to date where only 55 units are found on each swab.

This is about 25 more than what you find on toilet seats. However, it is the lowest compared to all platforms that we test.

JoyCons tested similar numbers, a marginally higher average around 62.5.

Controllers under a Microscope

Analysis reveals that consoles do get dirty. However, users need to make sure that their hands are clean before they pick up a controller. That can help prevent the spread of germs. These can gather even as you spit while talking or if you pick your nose.

A closer look at the mouse and controllers reveal which areas collect germ most and how dirty are your controllers.

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Xbox versus PlayStation

For years both these brands have fought for dominance. The rivalry continues as new versions are launched, such as Xbox Series and PlayStation 5. Tests were done to find out which gaming products tend to get dirtiest.

Kind of Bacteria Growth

Testing shows that the cleanest platforms also can have a considerable build-up of bacteria. Xbox controller triggers slightly less build-up compared to toilet seats. However, buttons, mice, keyboards, and controllers usually require disinfection often.

Most bacteria are harmless but if they build up enough, they can be harmful, especially for inhalation.

Ensure that you clean equipment once every week which should be part of normal cleaning which keeps homes and devices safe and clean.

How to Clean Consoles?

Here are some handy tips to follow:

  • Unplug the console to avoid any damage accidentally.
  • Use a bleach-free cleaning solution that is bleach-free.
  • Clean console with a dry cloth or a microfiber cloth.
  • Clean the surface beneath the console also.

Ensure that too much liquid is not used for controllers. In the case of keyboards, there are specialized sprays or gels that can go in between keys and clean without harming the circuits.

A Closer Look at Devices Compared to Everyday Items

A deeper look shows that game consoles can be compared to toilet seats or kitchen tables.

For instance, the kitchen table surface contains the most bacteria when compared to other items in the house.

At a time when we focus on germs, we need to ensure that we clean items such as controllers regularly or at least once a week. This will help prevent potential risks to health from developing.

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