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Movie-Themed Slots Are Packed With Bonus Features!

If you have always been a cinephile and you love to watch new movies as often as you can, how about trying out some Universal Studios, Disney, or Warner Bros themed slots for a change? Most online casinos have a wide selection of movie-themed slots, ranging from older classics like The Godfather and Scarface to more recent blockbusters like Transformers and The Dark Knight. These games are based on the movie’s story with authentic music, and they are often loaded with bonus features like wilds, scatters, and free spins that let you play as the movie’s hero or villain. Many of these games also feature high jackpots and progressives that can pay out millions of dollars. Here are a few recommended movie themed slot games created by the top three online casino game manufacturers, Microgaming, Playtech, and NetEnt. 

Get ready to pop some popcorn or pull out your favorite snacks and start reliving some of the most memorable moments from the best classics, chick flicks, or blockbusters with the following games.

1. Top Gun

With Top Gun;Maverick now playing in theaters around the world, what would be better to start with than the classic Top Gun online slot by Playtech, released in 2015. It’s a classic 5 reel, 3 row and 243 way slot machine based on the 1986’s Top Gun movie. With a max bet of $125, this slot is popular among both high rollers and regular players, but as a high volatility game it’s less suitable for those who have never played slots before. 

2. The Dark Knight Rises Slot

How about experiencing all the chills of this spectacular classic by Warner Bros all over again in this absolutely epic game of slots? If you want to practice this slot online before you play it at a casino resort, you can grab a free no deposit bonus and play with real money, or play it in free game mode. 

The Dark Knight Rises game of slots has been cleverly designed and launched by the guys at Microgaming, and it features 243 ways to win, 5 reels, and the very special Fight Mode Feature, which will send Batman straight into a 3D fight with his fearful arch-nemesis Bane for loads of multipliers and free spins. Microgaming worked together with DC Entertainment to create this online slot gem where you will also come across the lovely Catwoman, or Commissioner Gordon, and lots of short clips from the original movie itself. Just know this: the people who developed the game spent quite some time assessing all the fight scenes in an attempt to accurately recreate them in the most realistic manner possible. They did a great job at it! The Batman-vibes music full of suspense playing in the background is a huge plus, as it manages to fully introduce players to the entire intensity of this beloved movie.

3. The Scarface Game of Slots

“You Wanna Play Rough? Okay! Say Hello To My Little Friend!” Scarface has given us many iconic quotes, and this is, by far, one of the most popular of them. If you are a big fan of Tony Montana, one of the most memorable characters ever played by the inimitable Al Pacino, you are definitely going to love playing the Scarface Slot by NetEnt. Players will get to experience Tony’s drama in this mesmerizing game featuring 20 pay lines and 5 reels.

The game also features and carries an impressive array of amazing graphics and clips from the original 80s movie, plus some top  Wilds and Scatter symbols and even a Bonus Game that will carry you all the way back to the famous shoot-out scene in the lobby. If you manage to shoot at the right targets and keep yourself breathing for long enough to collect your bonus points, you’re going to make the game even more interesting.

4. The Mummy Game of Slots

It was Universal Studios that first introduced us to the captivating movie in 1999, and later, The Mummy also sparked the interest of Playtech. They decided to release their very own version of the beloved movie, encapsulated in a 5-reel, 25-payline game of slots loaded with Ancient Egypt imagery. Land on as many winning combos as you can, and you will also benefit from plenty of extra short clips from the original movie, all in top-notch quality, preparing you for a full-blown reminiscence. The bonuses within the game feature loads of wilds, free spins, and bonus games like the Lost City Adventure Bonus, the Mummy Hunt Bonus, or the Mummy Hunt Bonus, during which you will be asked to select the correct path or come across the mummy coming back from the dead.

If you are ready for some cool Ancient Egypt images and clips, sprinkled with spooky ancient curses and the undead, join the fun in this amazing game of slots and quench your thirst for living a cool adventure searching for Pharaoh’s treasure.

These are just a few of the most iconic movie-themed slots by these developers, but nothing is stopping you from checking out even more titles if you feel like reliving your favorite movies in a unique way! The list is long, but with titles like Star Wars, The Mask, Rambo, The Wizard of Oz, Ghostbusters, Jurassic Park, Lord of the Rings, Terminator, and Tomb Raider, Star Wars, Willy Wanka and even the Lion King, you can understand the selection is endless. 

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