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Reasons Why Indian Players Prefer Online Casinos over Brick-and-Mortar Casinos

India is hands-down the fastest-growing online casino market in 2020. There’s ample evidence to suggest that this growth rate will continue to grow exponentially. For starters, the legal side of things might finally get a thorough examination by the responsible authorities. Moreover, the world’s top online casinos are continuing to open their doors to Indian customers, further swelling the customer base.

That said, before the online gaming revolution, casino gambling was never that big in the country. So why are online betting sites attracting more customers than traditional brick-and-mortar casinos ever could?

Legal Issues

The biggest issue Indian bettors are facing right now is the vague and inconsistent laws surrounding the industry. Most legislation is left up to individual states, and only three of them have clearly defined gambling laws. So, before we begin, we need to answer one question – is online gambling legal in India?

The short answer is yes – in most states. However, this comes with a few huge asterisks. First of all, we need to understand that there are precious few legal land-based casinos across the whole country. Most of these are situated in Goa, though Indian casinos can also be found in  Daman and Sikkim. However, these are expressly prohibited from operating betting sites and allowing online gambling.

So how can I gamble online in India? By going to off-shore online casinos. Essentially, you need to find foreign-based companies operating various Indian betting sites. At first glance, this might look like a legal grey area at best – but it’s really not. In fact, such websites are perfectly okay to operate according to the Indian authorities. The only requirement is that Rupees are a viable payment option.

If all of this seems strange, you’re not alone. However, we’ll point out a few things. First of all, a lot of Indian gambling fans chose online options because that’s the only option for them. Unless you’re in Goa, Daman, or Sikkim – the internet is the only place you’ll find legal casinos in India. Secondly, the inconsistencies don’t exactly put Indian gambling laws in a good light in terms of reliability. Customers don’t feel protected by the law, even as the government loses millions due to improper regulation. That’s why thousands of players find it easier to rely on foreign regulatory bodies, such as the UKGC or Gibraltar Gaming Commission.

The Best Casinos in India are Usually Off-shore

This is true for most countries across the globe, but can be especially felt in India. The fact is, the global market is much bigger than any single country’s. This means the competition is much fiercer, leading to increased standards.

Think of it this way. In online casinos, Indian players can enjoy the same quality service as players from the UK. As discussed above, they are also protected by the same gambling regulations. There are thousands of top online casinos out there, and they all have to out-do each other if they want to attract customers. Compare that to the less than 20 land-based casinos in India, and you may get a clearer picture.

But that’s not all. Consider all the amnesties a betting site comes with. First of all, you’ll find a bigger selection of online casino games than any brick-and-mortar casino can hope to have. Multiple payment options, you can enjoy online casinos anywhere… The list goes on. In fact, it’s becoming hard to justify choosing a traditional casino these days.

Innovation in Online Gambling

Lastly, betting sites innovate at lightning speeds these days. One of the reasons is the afore-mentioned competition. However, new ideas and concepts are also much easier to implement in a virtual environment.

For example, once the world’s leading gambling companies caught the scent of the opportunity India presents, they quickly adapted. These days, you can find live casino games specifically tailored for Indian bettors – Andar Bahar, Teen Patti, and many more.

Speaking of which, live dealer casinos in India are another innovation that bridges the gap between online and real-life play. With live casino games, whatever advantages traditional gambling dens had, now seem even less relevant.

Mobile gaming is another big part of India’s customer culture. Some stats imply that, as opposed to most of the world, mobile gambling has already surpassed the trusty old desktop in India.

All in all, it’s a good time to be a casino fan in India. A world of opportunities has opened over the past few years, and it’s clear that people are already embracing them.

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