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“Squid Game” — Why do people keep gambling even with only one coin left in their pocket?

“Squid Game” — Why do people keep gambling even with only one coin left in their pocket? | TrendPickle

The thrilling Squid Game drama series has caught the attention of many viewers across the world. The series has attained 111 million views, making it the most significant series launch in history. The Korean squid game shows the real problems that the world is facing today. Gambling takes the wheel in the drama as social class scenes add some ice to the cake. 

It is based on South Korea and shows how a group of players risk their lives to get inside the piggy bank. The games are bloody, and players die in the process. Our expert, An Jung-Su, elaborates why people keep gambling even when they have only one coin left in their pocket.

Hope to Win the Next

Often, gamblers are in a fixed position where they turn things around, hoping that there is a chance to win by luck. Those who take gambling as a form of entertainment can hardly do so with the last coin. They rationally evaluate the possibility of winning and realize they have a 1% chance that they do not deserve their only cash. However, when players are fixed in a desperate situation, with no financial management skills, they take winning as a 50/50 chance. 

Some believe they will be lucky enough to win. Hope in gambling is a serious problem that affects many gamblers. Players in Squid Game decide that they don’t need the bloody games anymore. Surprisingly, they later return, including the older man who had a brain tumour. The problems in the outside world keep chasing them, forcing them to return to play weird games with the hope of winning the end prize.

The Winning Dilemma lies heavily on Gamblers Shoulders

Gi-hun is a chauffeur and a father, but he steals his mother’s savings to gamble in horse racing games. The scene shows how gambling in South Korea is rampant, and players are willing to do whatever it takes to risk. Players face dilemmas when they are left with the only coin that they hope will solve their problems. Some lie heavily in debts making the situation challenging, and they are willing to win. 

Gi-hun receives heavy slaps at the train station when a recruiter asks him to play a mysterious game. He risks the pain after he is promised a solution to his problems. Gi-hun has debts to clear, putting him in a dilemma of choosing slaps pain. During the marble game, he cheats on the older man to survive. He falls into a quagmire of choosing death or life. Although he doesn’t want the older man to die, he is left with no option but to cheat to survive.

Illusion on how Money can be Earned Easily

한국에는 한국어 온라인 카지노에서 평가를 받은 많은 오프라인 및 온라인 카지노가 있습니다. Players can gamble on games such as horse racing, bicycle racing, and boat racing. At the beginning of the drama series, Gi-hun steals his mother’s ATM to get some money to bet at a horse racing game. Virtual horse racing is popular in online casinos in Korea. Many gamblers have won a significant amount of money in a few bets before getting addicted to gambling. 

Chong Sang Woo is a graduate who is on the run after stealing money from clients. Gi-hun is shocked to see him attending the weird games. Most gamblers view winning as how they strategically plan to beat the games. Player 456 tells his mother how he worked hard to earn 100,000 Won. Gambling addiction comes with the temptation of how easy money can be attained.

Lured by the End Prize

“Squid Game” — Why do people keep gambling even with only one coin left in their pocket? | TrendPickle

In Squid Game, 100,000 won invited players into addiction where they keep risking their lives for the higher prize. Players thought that it was simple to play games and win lots of money. They keep trying their luck even after seeing people die. Every time a player died, the prize money would increase. All their eyes were set on the prize money, knowing the chances of survival were very minimal.

Instead of getting deep into gambling addiction, Koreans can engage in activities such as attending Japanese cultural events, travelling the world, learning new skills, or even developing new hobbies. Some gamblers fail to have some financial management in gambling, thus risking their only coin to win. The mega jackpot has lured many to bet it all and try their luck. Winning dilemma and illusion to win easy money is what keeps people gambling with their last coin.

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