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Teen Patti Real Cash Game | 3 Patti Real Money

Teen Patti Online Game

Teen Patti is one of the most popular card games, and its popularity peaks during the Diwali festival at trash parties.

Playing Teen Patti for real money at online casinos provides players with a user-friendly and picture-perfect experience that is accessible via all mobile devices!

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How To Play Teen Patti Cash Game?

Teen Patti is really simple to learn, even simpler than learning it with friends because you simply need to focus on your cards.

You just need to follow these simple steps to play this game. 

  • Select a Teen Patti casino and table.

  • Place your bet to receive your cards.

  • Either play or fold

  • If you play, the dealer’s cards are revealed, and you can see who has the best hand.

3 Patti Real Money Sequences

If you’ve ever played poker, you’ll be familiar with the hands in Teen Patti, which are more usually known as sequences and consist of three cards arranged in a particular way.


Please note that every game version may change rewards or substitute any of the sequences listed below for different combinations.


Three cards in a row from the same suit. Also known as a Pure Sequence or Pakki Round.


Three identical cards in a row. the top hand in the game also referred to as a Trio or Trail.


Three cards in a row of various suits. Likewise referred to as a “Normal Run” sequence.


Three of the same kind of cards. If flush hands must be compared, the highest rated suited hand wins.

  • PAIR

The hand has three cards, two of which have the same rank. They are not required to be



It is the highest-ranking card that will count for a potential win if no other sequence is formed.

History Of Teen Patti Game

Although gambling can be traced back to 2000 BC in India, Teen Patti is a much more recent invention.

Teen Patti is thought to be a modern twist on the classic Three Card Brag or 3-Card Poker card game, which originated in the United Kingdom.

With European traders, the game made its way to India, where it has since grown to become a popular and entertaining card game.

Although card games such as Teen Patti are illegal in India, real money Teen Patti is still widely played during festivals across the country.

Friends and family get together and frequently bet on cards and compete for the pot money. It is perfectly acceptable to do so at this time.


It’s claimed that Parvati told Lord Shiva, as they were rolling the dice, that those who gambled on Diwali would prosper financially the following year.

Due to this, during the Diwali season, homes play Teen Patti with actual money.


People celebrate the birth of Krishna in a variety of ways on Janmashtami.

One of them is fasting, which is when families frequently gamble together because the thought of collecting the winnings from accumulated bets prevents them from thinking about eating.


The Ramayana and the Mahabharata are two sacred texts that particularly mention gambling in this sense.

It wouldn’t take long for card games like Teen Patti to appear as gambling became more and more popular outside of palace walls.

Teen Patti Online Game Legality 

According to Indian gaming regulations, Teen Patti card game is a game of chance. This indicates that the game is only available locally in places like Goa and Sikkim where games of chance are permitted.

Nevertheless, playing at online casinos is not against the Public Gambling Act of 1867. All that must be done is for the casino to not have a physical presence in India.


Teen Patti is not a recognized game of skill in the state of Delhi, hence it is not an acceptable form of gambling.

However, you can easily play online because the Delhi gambling law does not address internet gambling on foreign websites.


The only card games that are permitted in Maharashtra are rummy and poker, according to the state’s gambling legislation.

You can still play 3 Patti on international websites, and SevenJackpots has a list of some excellent ones.

When it comes to card games, Uttar Pradesh abides by international gambling regulations, thus casinos that have a license from a nation other than India are the only places where Teen Patti is lawful.

Nevertheless, playing the game around Diwali is customary and has no negative legal consequences.


The only card game that has received legal approval under Karnataka law is rummy.

Patti can be played with family and friends during holidays like Diwali, but if you want to take it seriously, offshore internet casinos are your best option.

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