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Tips for Renting a Car in Turkey in 2023

Turkey is an exciting country to visit, and renting a car is perfect if you want to get to know it in a more adventurous way. This country is an incredible mix of modern and old, and it’s home of the most beautiful landmarks, such as Cappadocia’s whimsical landscape, Ephesus and Troy’s ancient ruins, and the beautiful turquoise coast.

Driving in Turkey is safe; you will find good roads so you will feel calm in this adventure. If you want to experience Turkey and discover its full potential, rent a car to explore the country at your own pace. We have prepared some tips to help you with this! Let’s start!

Why should you rent a car?

Turkey is a vast country, and many emblematic places throughout its territory can be quite far from each other, so it can take a long time to get around by using just public transport. With a car, you can travel independently and visit the most touristic places as well as some surprising ones that are less known.

Rent a car in Turkey to have a fantastic trip!

Renting a car in this country can be quite cheap; however, it is essential to book it in advance to ensure availability. You can log in to to book your car!

By doing so, you will have the option to explore lesser-known attractions and avoid crowded hotels. Additionally, it can help you save money since accommodation in urban areas tends to be pricier, and tourists without a car are limited in their travel options.

An international driving license will facilitate the process when renting a car; and though it’s possible that they won’t ask for it, we recommend getting one for this or future trips to different places.

Pick up your car!

Most car rentals are within a walking distance from the Istanbul Airport. All you have to do is check-in at the airport, where they will give you directions and take you to get your car.

Keep speed limits in mind!

In Turkey, speed limits are 50 km/h for urban areas and 90 km/h for rural areas, and 120 km/h for motorways. Other speed limits are marked by traffic signs along the route. Speeding is closely monitored by Turkish police using radar weapons, so always keep them in mind!

Always check the road signs

When driving in Turkey, it’s important to note that road signs are mostly in Turkish. However, the names of the places on the signs can be easily translated. You’ll notice frequent signs indicating major turns and big towns. Additionally, being aware of the road quality during your travels is helpful.

The roads are generally well-maintained, particularly in the busier regions of the country. Primary routes have excellent highways; however, the coastal roads can be winding. 

Get a SIM card for your road trip

Buying a SIM card with data upon arrival in Turkey is highly recommended, especially when renting a car. With a local SIM card and data allowance, you can easily research places to visit and use the navigation system while driving.

Are you traveling to Turkey? Renting a car to go on a road trip can be exceptional. Go to [iVisa] and obtain the [Turkey Visa] and any other documents you need to travel, it’s fast and easy!

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