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Why Mobile Gaming is Becoming More and More Popular


PC gamers are ever in a war of words with console players. Each group believes theirs is the best gaming equipment. But guess what? The best gaming device might not be a console or a PC. Instead, it’s the much cheaper, smaller mobile devices most people can’t live without these days.

Numerous studies show mobile gaming will account for more than 50% of all gaming in the world by 2021. Presently, the figure stands at 40%. In some countries, however, up to 80% of gamers use their mobile devices to play online games. So, why is everyone suddenly using smartphones for gaming?

Mobile Games are Cheap

The average PS4 game costs well over £50. By comparison, 90% of games on Google and Apple stores are free to download. In light of these statistics, most people would prefer to get a game free of charge instead of pay hundreds of dollars for a few games.

After all, there are plenty of quality games on mobile stores. From Battle Royale games like Fortnite to drive-bys like GTA, football simulators to casino games; you’ll find all sorts of games on your smartphone.

Considering that more people own smartphones than consoles and gaming desktops, mobile gaming will continue to grow as an industry. That’s even though mobile games can’t handle some of the most advanced games in the world.

Online Casinos going Mobile

Valve, Epic Games and Rockstar aren’t the only companies taking a keen interest in mobile gaming. Hundreds of online casinos around the world now provide slots, poker and mobile blackjack on mobile devices. What’s more, casinos welcome new players with bonuses.

So, if you love blackjack, you could get an exclusive welcome bonus on a site like You can use the welcome gift on all variations of blackjack, including live dealer blackjack games. And depending on the casino’s terms, you could cash out your bonus wins without fulfilling wagering requirements.

Apart from bonuses, online casinos provide hundreds of games targeting different kinds of players. They have slots inspired by pop culture, video games, sports, and ancient myths. On the other end, they provide a series of table games, bingo, and lotteries.

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Whether it’s their portability or ease of access, low maintenance costs or affordable prices, mobile phones provide convenience in numerous ways. Unsurprisingly, people are spending more and more time on their smartphones.

The average mobile gamer spends five hours playing games on their smartphone. To give some context, most people sleep for six to seven hours. That means most players spend nearly as much time gaming on their phones as they do sleeping.

Part of the convenience that comes with mobile devices is that you can use them wherever you go. You could play PUBG after work, increase your Candy Crash progress as you travel on the subway or play PUBG while waiting for someone at a restaurant.

Competitive Games

Ten years ago, the best game you could play on a smartphone was an arcade snake game. But with time, games have become more powerful, allowing developers to build open world games with incredible features.

Established developers lead the way in building advanced games like Call of Duty, Fortnite and Grand Theft Auto. However, the mobile gaming scene is also flooded with indie developers, some who’ve developed precious games like Minecraft.

With thousands of developers supplying games to Google and Apple stores each year, smartphone owners have an unlimited number of games to play. Fortunately, mobile device users also love gaming. What’s more, they play daily.

The Rise of Female Gamers

More women play games on their mobile devices than men according to a recent study. It’s a significant revelation considering men have always dominated online gaming. In the US, up to 65% of women play a mobile game daily, with 64% of them preferring mobile games over PC and console games.

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Another intriguing stat is that women gamers play more frequently than their male counterparts. As a result, they play an essential role in spurring the mobile gaming scene. Some of the world’s best mobile game developers are taking notice of this development and are developing games with lead female characters.

Captivating Tech Innovations

At least 20% of all purchases made on iOS and Android devices happen on mobile games, and developers have tech innovations to thank. Back when mobile phones were limited to simple games with low graphics and poor mechanics, developers earned peanuts from mobile platforms.

But then mobile phones began to support high-quality graphics. Banking companies built mobile payment apps, and AR and VR got a new home. By 2016 when Pokémon Go captured the world, some mobile developers were earning up to $1 million per month.

In the next three years, mobile devices adopted more tech innovations. Developers worked on their games and players fell in love with mobile games. In turn, games like Fortnite and Candy Crush Saga now generate up to $1 million per day.

Support from all Levels

Although mobile games cost less to develop compared to console and PC games, developers need money for research. They need resources to manage development teams, market games and improve existing games.

Additionally, the mobile gaming community regularly has to work with governments and smartphone developers to run smoothly. Without the support of these groups, however, mobile gaming would probably be struggling to date.

After all, most developers offer games free of charge. Most of them sell in-game items to raise money. But cash isn’t the only thing developers need to steer the mobile gaming industry forward. Fortunately, lots of people and investors are paying attention to the mobile gaming industry. From Wall Street to Hollywood, Silicon Valley to China, mobile gaming is getting the attention it deserves.

To Conclude

Mobile gaming is projected to be bigger than both console and PC gaming markets in the next five years. And once it overtakes the two gaming segments, it will be impossible to catch up with. More than half of the world plays mobile games, with some people spending up to five hours per day on games.   

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