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AdWords management services can be your path to revenue growth

As a business owner, familiarizing yourself with Google AdWords and PPC advertising is not the most straightforward job. While you can clue yourself up with some online research and setting up basic campaigns, will they really optimize your company’s revenue growth?

But as with everything, you can probably get by with doing these tasks yourself, but you will only get so far.

Hiring an AdWords management consultant can make the difference

By researching AdWords and PPC, you are likely aware how important these activities are to building and growing modern businesses. But having the skills and time to focus on optimizing campaigns is another matter entirely.

The best course of action at this stage is to find and recruit the right AdWords management consultant. Then equip them with the knowledge they need about your business, products, and services to be able to optimize your campaigns. Once they have this knowledge, they can setup and optimize the best campaigns to position you in your industry and above your competitors.

Plan, plan, plan your AdWords

Setting goals with your chosen AdWords management services company is the next most important job you will do. If you run an e-commerce website, the goal is relatively straightforward and easy to track. Generating visitors to your website and convincing them to make a purchase is tangible.

If you offer services and products with a longer sales cycle, your campaigns will be more focused around generating optimized leads and traffic. Once on your site, landing pages will help you to convince and steer your leads to conversion through calls to action. These can include booking a demonstration, a free trial, or a simple contact request.


More high-level brand awareness can also be the goal of an AdWords campaign. For new firms, or for those looking to get an advantage over their competition, AdWords can be an effective tool. With brand awareness campaigns it is important to note that your return on investment may not immediately be as tangible. This is because it is more difficult to link clicks with ROI in brand awareness campaigns.

The advantages of an expert

Hiring a skilled AdWords management company has many advantages. First, putting one of your most important marketing activities in the hands of a specialist saves your time. You can concentrate on running your business and doing what you need to do. If you consider the cost of your time, spending that trying to figure out AdWords campaigns is likely not the best use of it.

If time is not an issue (and this is unlikely with many business owners), then consider the skills involved. Did you build your website yourself? Do you do all your finances, or use an accountant? Do you fix your own car, or use a mechanic?

While it may be tempting to do your own Google Ads as it seems like an easy task, the reality is that it is not. You may be able to get the campaign to perform, but will it present your business in the way you need it to be? And will it generate the right level of clicks to be successful?


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