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20 Amazing facts about dreams that will change your perception

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Dreams are one of the important parts of our lives. We see so many good and bad things in our dreams but hardly remember them but some of our dreams are so powerful and recurring that we remember them even hours after waking up. Our dreams take up to mysterious land with strange people and circumstances. Many times we solve problems in dreams that we are not able to solve while waking up.  

Facts about dreams

Interesting facts about dreams

1. An average human being spends about 25 years in sleeping (considering the age of 75 years and daily 8 hours of sleeping), out of which about 6 years are spent in dreaming.


2. We forget about 90% of our dreams. We forget half of our dream after 5 minutes of waking up and after 10 minutes only 10% is left. However, if you awaken at the REM stage of sleep, you are more likely to remember the dream.


3. Our sleep cycle is divided mostly into two states REM sleep and non REM sleep. REM sleep is the sleep stage mostly associated with dreams. REM (Rapid eye movement) sleep is kind of sleep which occurs in cycles of about 90-120 minutes throughout the night. The REM sleep is about 20-25% of total sleep time in adults. REM sleep stage is characterized by rapid eye movements, faster pulse and breathing, and more dreaming and bodily movement.


4. Every human being (men, women and even babies) dreams except those who have certain psychological disorders. We dream about 2 hours per night. If you think you are not dreaming, maybe you just forget your dreams.


5. We usually have many dreams (about four to seven) each night, each one of them is about  5 to 20 minutes long. The first dream of the night is only 5 minutes long. The last dream which usually occurs before awakening may be 45 -60 minutes long.


Facts about dreams


6. Yes, Blind people also dream. People who were born blind use their senses – smell, sound, touch to dream. People who became blind after birth can visualize images in their dreams.


7. While most people report dreaming in color, there are few people who claim to only dream in black and white.  As per one survey conducted, only 12% of people dreamt in black and white and the rest of the others dreamt in colors. The people who grew up watching black and white television are more likely to dream black and white. The number is going down now with the presence of colors everywhere.

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8. Did you know that you can control your dreams? A lucid dream is a dream stage where the person is aware that he/she is dreaming. During lucid dreaming, The person may be able to control the dream characters, story, beginning and end of the story, and environment up to some extent just like a movie is being shot in front of you and you are the director. Approximately half of all people have experienced at least one case of lucid dreaming. Some people often have lucid dreams.


9. We see only the faces that we know well or faces we have seen before in our dreams.  So if you wonder who was the person in your dream, the person may be one of the many faces that you encounter in your daily life. Kids don’t see themselves in dreams until they are 3-4 years old.


10. Did you know you are paralyzed during dreaming? REM sleep stage is characterized by paralysis of the voluntary muscles of the body. The phenomenon of sleep paralysis is scientifically known as REM atonia. During sleep paralysis, your brain shuts off stimulation to your large muscle groups making you immobile so you don’t act out your dreams.


Facts about dreams


Have you ever woken up after watching some scary dream just to find out that you are not able to able? This experience is frightening for most but perfectly normal as per experts.


11. Animals probably dream (well, it is hard to say for sure but researchers believe they dream). Have you ever observed a dog twitching their paws as if they are running in their dreams?


12.While our dreams are mostly personalized based on our lives and experiences. There are a few common dreams which people see across the globe. Most common dreams are being chased, falling, being attacked, feeling unable to move, arriving late, flying, writing exams and unpreparedness etc.


13. Negative emotions are most common in our dreams. We experience many emotions like joy, happiness, and fear in our dreams. In general fear, anxiety and other negative emotions are most common in the dream than positive emotions.

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14. Men and women dream differently. Men’s dreams are more likely related to violent and aggressive content and physical activities. On a surprising note, Men dream more about other men, about 70% of the dream characters in a man’s dream are men. On the other hand, women dreams are equally about women and men.


15. You can’t read in your dream dreaming or tell the time. The majority of people have reported that they are not able to read in their dream. The same happens for telling the time, every time you look at the clock, it tells different time as reported by lucid dreamers.


Facts about dreams


16. Many inventions have been inspired by dreams. The idea of ranking web pages based upon their inbound links came into the dream of Larry Page and then he founded Google and made himself CEO.


17. Although most dreams occur only once, many people have experienced recurring dreams where the story of the dream is the same. Certain studies have found that if you are snoring, you are not dreaming at that point.


18. Our dreams are very symbolic.  If you dream about a particular subject, it doesn’t always mean that the dream is about that subject. There may be some deep symbolic meaning behind it. We sometimes have very strange dreams – some scary, some troublesome and the rest absolutely magical. There’s nothing strange about these dreams because the symbols picked up in your dreams are hinting towards something.


19. Dream incorporation is the phenomenon when External stimuli tend to invade our dreams.  Our brain interprets external stimuli that stimulate our senses and they become part of our dream. For example, Sometimes we hear a sound in reality and then incorporate it into our dreams and that sound becomes part of our dreams.


20. People from all over the world have experienced at least 1 precognitive dream and many have experienced déjà vu.  In a precognitive dream, you can see the future events and gather information about them. déjà vu is the feeling that the event currently happening has already been experienced by you. Many people believe that it’s possible to have a precognitive dream.


Tell us about your dreams which you still remember in the comments section.

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  1. Very interesting information! My grandfather said anytime you remember a number from a dream you should play it in the lottery. I did once and won $400!

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  4. Fascinating! I would love to remember more dreams and experience more precognitive ones that I can recall! How helpful would that be!

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      That will be fun.

  5. Very well explained…interesting write up..

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