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Top 24 Bollywood Comedy Movies to make your day

We know “Laughter is the best medicine”. Bollywood has given us so many hilarious comedy movies. Let’s look at the best Bollywood comedy movies which can make your day. Are you ready for the laughter? Here is the list of top Hindi comedy movies.

1. Andaz Apna Apna (1994)

Amar (Aamir Khan) and Prem (Salman Khan) are two rivals who belong to middle-class families with no scope of future. Both individually, without the knowledge of the each other decide to take matters into their hands and find ways to get rich quickly. Chaos results when both arrive to win the heart of the daughter of multi-millionaire Ram Gopal Bajaj. The twin brother of Ram assumes his identity and thus take over the estate of the Bajaj family.

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2. No Entry (2005)

Kishen is a newspaper baron married to Kaajal, a housewife who suspects her husband of having numerous non-existent affairs. Pooja is the believing wife of ever-philandering globe-trotting businessman Prem. Kishen and Prem are close pals. Sanjana falls in love with Prem’s loyal photographer Sunny and they get engaged. Kishen gets tired of his jealous wife and tries to have an affair with Bobby, a call girl. Due to circumstances, Bobby is introduced as the wife of Kishen during Sanjana’s wedding, and as Sunny’s wife to Kaajal. It becomes a bundle of confusions when all three couples meet.

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3. Mujhse Shaadi Karogi (2004)

Sunny rents a room in Goa. His room-mate is Sameer, who likes to fool around with the woman, then dump them. He eventually falls in love, then gets dumped. Sorrowful and repentant, Sameer also has had many misadventures, especially when he ended up slapping an elderly man. Now Sameer has fallen for his next-door neighbor, Rani. Now Sameer has two problems to overcome to wed Rani. The first he must eliminate his competitor, none other than Sunny himself, who is also in love with Rani, and will do anything to marry her; and the second is Rani’s father, ironically the very man who Sameer had slapped earlier. Will Sunny end up getting married to Rani, leaving Sameer to repent for the rest of his life?

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4. Hungama (2003)

The story of a bunch of misfits whose misconception about each other’s backgrounds end up in a series of chaotic, yet comic outcomes.

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5. Hulchul (2004)

A man and woman from feuding families each pretend to fall in love, as part of a revenge plot. Chaos ensues when their fake romance becomes a reality.

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6. Dhamaal (2007)

Four lazy slacker conmen buddies who are jobless, homeless and broke learn about the secret of a hidden treasure from a dying thief and later embark on a race against time to find the mobster’s buried treasure and claim it while being pursued by a determined police inspector who is hellbent to get the treasure all by himself.

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7. Chup Chup Ke (2006)

A young man named Jeetu finds himself in debt with his father receiving harassing visits from money-lenders. Although his father is scolded daily for his non-progress in their debts, his mother and his fiancée Pooja believe he can successfully fulfill his task and live happily, but burdened with high debt, Jeetu sees suicide as his only way out of the situation (insurance money for the family). Unfortunately for him, taking a plunge off a dock into a placid ocean doesn’t kill him. He awakens in a boat with two very interesting characters, Gundya and his servant Bundya. In the cost of putting Jeetu in a hospital and saving his life, Gundya and Bundya believe Jeetu owes them a debt. Already in much debt, Jeetu decides to play off that he is deaf and mute. He then finds himself mortgaged to a wealthy man, Prabhat Singh in return for Gundya’s confiscated boat and thus ends up as a servant boy at a mansion in Kolkata.

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8. Garam Masala (2005)

A rib-tickling tale of two flirts who constantly flirts with women despite one of them had engaged. Chaos ensues when the fiancee finds that her to-be bride is cheating on her.

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