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The key reasons behind the success of mobile gaming

Smartphone gaming has certainly progressed a great deal since the days of Snake and Tetris and the functionalities our mobile phones could do without an internet connection. Now, with the introduction of smartphones and the power and sophistication they now offer, the games in which we can play has increased dramatically in terms of graphics and gameplay. The sheer amount of titles we can access is remarkable, too.

One look at technology news highlights just how far this particular area has progressed. Mobile gaming is a popular choice for many, but so too are smartphones in general. People regularly download apps, take high-quality images using their improved cameras, and even conduct important aspects of daily life such as dealing with banking queries using an app or finding love online with a few swipes of a dating product. These popular actions people make on their smartphone devices accompany the array of mobile games players can’t seem to get enough of. One look at the App Store or Google Play illustrates just how massive this particular genre has become, with many hit releases registering millions of downloads and captivating audiences all over the world.

Smartphone games can be accessed at any time

With people accessing an array of smartphone games throughout the day, it certainly means that games developers have a potentially humongous audience to tap into. Gaming has become a casual entertainment option to carry out during a dull evening indoors or a morning commute to work. It is therefore less daunting for traditional non-gamers and has resulted in millions of new players from around the world. Most smartphone games are designed to picked up and put down, they’re fun and easy to play, and they don’t require the same amount of time and dedication as console releases do. When assessing the games available on mobile, they’re hugely diverse too. People can enjoy puzzle releases and brain training games, follow the yellow brick road to fortune in the Book of Oz slot game, catch Pokemon in the smash hit augmented reality release Pokemon Go, race against friends in classics like Mario Kart Tour, and a whole lot more. These types of games are generally easier to grasp than complicated, hugely detailed console releases, they’re fun and entertaining to play, and they can be accessed at any time throughout the day thanks to the nature of smartphone devices and the fact that most of us carry them around with us.

Console games are now on mobile

With technology-based innovation impacting the modern-day mobile phone, games developers have been able to up the ante accordingly. Put simply, with more power in our smartphones comes better games to play. The aforementioned Pokemon Go with its augmented reality feature was truly groundbreaking at the time of its release, but we’ve also seen a selection of virtual reality games and console classics now crossover to mobile also. In fact, console-quality titles are being housed on mobile phone devices a lot more regularly these days. Classic titles like GTA and Max Payne are popular, alongside more modern transitions over to mobile with the likes of Minecraft, Fortnite and PUBG. As such, gamers who might not have seen the appeal of smartphone gaming are now beginning to experience its benefits as the genre continues to grow.

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The affordability factor

Smartphone games are either completely free or incredibly cheap, with some titles offering in-game purchases and a variety of small fees players pay to unlock levels, gear, tricks and so on. As such, gaming on a smartphone is more accessible to people. Console gaming, on the other hand, is hugely expensive overall.

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