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Solitaire Gold: The Bird That Lays Golden Eggs

The popularity of skill games in India knows no boundaries. They have been entertaining people since time immemorial. It is said that India lives several centuries at the same time. Well, the same can be said about solitaire card games. Solitaire has travelled far and wide to now exist in a multitude of spaces and variants. However, it can be said that the internet has truly been the wind beneath the wings of the game.

Until now, people had been chasing good fortunes and entertainment through card games, but the online whirlwind has quite changed the dynamics of how we see traditional games. Apart from testing one’s skill set and decision-making abilities, solitaire online also gives users their desired time off from their hectic schedules. Spending time having fun, exercising the brain and getting added benefits in the form of cash rewards is the need of the hour.

Online gaming platforms like Solitaire Gold have now emerged as top revenue generators and trendsetters in the gaming industry.

What makes Solitaire Gold a leading solitaire app in India? The answer is the mind-blowing features that the Solitaire Gold app offers its users. Some of them are described below:

Multiple formats

Solitaire players from every nook and corner of the country thrive on competition. The app developers channelized this idea into multiplayer formats and league tournaments for users. It has not only added to the spice of the game, but also challenges the mind of a player. Any game can now be played in different formats and each party gets equal chances to win. No rules can be defied. The platform’s Fair Play Policy prevents players from colluding or cheating at the tables. 

Say no to bots

Bot elimination has turned out to be one of the biggest steps in popularizing the application. Competing with bots is never satisfying. It makes any game look redundant after a point. Hence, Solitaire Gold has taken a completely different route when it comes to competing. Playing with real solitaire brains from across the country has helped carve out a niche for the app. It not only makes the game look more interesting, but also adds to its charm. Card games have essentially been about people, and taking bots out of that equation has clearly helped sustain that image. Winning against real human players gives you a thrill, which is absent in gaming with bots.

Big cash prizes and bonuses

Right when you make your first deposit after registering on the platform, you get a welcome bonus of up to ₹1500. You can use this amount for playing cash games and leagues, which allow you to win real money as cash prizes. The platform also has a Refer and Earn

program, where you can make your friends and family join the game and get a referral bonus up to ₹500. For beginners who have little to no knowledge of solitaire, detailed guides and tutorials are available on the app for them to get started and work their way up. Once they have enough confidence, they can start playing solitaire for real money and win cash prizes. So why have just entertainment when you can also win cash while having fun?

Legal and safe  

The Solitaire Gold game is perfectly legal to play for both cash and free. It’s a skill game and the Supreme Court of India has said in its decision that playing skill games for real money is legal and business activity and it does not fall in the category of gambling. The government even levies an income tax on winnings worth Rs. 10,000 or more in a single game. However, the state gaming laws of a few states do not allow the residents of these states to play real money games online, so Solitaire Gold does not offer its cash games to players living in those states.

Players on Solitaire Gold don’t need to worry about the safety of their money as all transactions are 100% secure. KYC verification is mandatory to withdraw cash and the app uses encrypted payment gateways to keep things fully secure. The personal information of users is kept totally confidential by Solitaire Gold.

For addressing any issue, there is a dedicated support team that provides quick and comprehensive resolutions to players. You can easily withdraw the amount that you win by playing on the app. You just need to place a withdrawal request from the app and the amount is transferred to your registered account in the shortest time possible.

Technology has breathed a new life into traditional games like solitaire. Solitaire gold has made sure that this legacy continues. It’s a game that never fails to amaze and entertain people. After all, winning real money while having entertainment has never been so much fun! You can download the app and start your journey today. Happy gaming!


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