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Best Father’s day gift ideas for 2019!

“Father” a son’s superhero and a daughter’s first love is just another word for sacrifice, who finds his happiness in that of his child’s, who is constantly striving to give a beautiful future to his children even if he has to put in more effort than what he actually can cause all that matter to him is the smile on your face. In the process of distilling you, he would end up showing more love than anger. By the way, the Father’s Day is on the 17th of this month. Are you wondering as to what you could gift your super dad? there is no better gift than spending time with him or expressing your love for him when was the last time you sat down for a meal with him or when did you last go for a walk with him? Let me remind you, no matter how old or busy you become you will always remain those little kids for your father whose tiny fingers he had held and made you walk. But certainly, you could express your love by gifting them something this Father’s Day. Here, are some suggestions if you are confused what to gift him-

Travel kits – 

best Father's day gift

Many of our fathers often travel for business deals or with some official work. Gift a travel kit to your father this Father’s Day. This large capacity bag would hold all his toiletries like toothbrushes, perfumes, shaving creams, trimmers it could also be used as a gym bag or healthcare bag to store all his medicines. If you wish to order from Amazon, the high quality, washable, water-resistant, durable kit would range from Rs.400 to Rs1000.

Here, you can check out  AmazonBasics Travel Bag.


best Father's day gift

Many times when we fail to find our keys or bags, we often feel how cool it would be if articles like key or bag could be found on with a ringtone just like a mobile phone. This is made possible with Tile Mate a small Bluetooth tracker that attaches to almost anything. This is a very useful gift you could give to your father who cannot find his car keys or wallet while getting late for his office. With just one tap on your phone, this connected Bluetooth device would start ringing and just that, you could also find your phone which kept on silent mode, by tapping the Tile. A Tile Mate could be bought for under $30 or Rs.2000.

Here, you can check out  Tile Mate Key Finder /Phone Finder.



best Father's day gift

One thing that every man from a very young age does, is to shave his beard. You would have seen your dad bleed due to the skin wounds while using a sharp bladed razor. Trimmer could be a good replacement as it is very soft on skin also it does not blacken the skin, unlike a razor blade. Cost of a good quality Philips trimmer would be less than Rs.3000.

Here, you can check out Philips Cordless Beard Trimmer.

Wireless Charging station –

best Father's day gift

With improving technology, the world has taken a step towards wireless technology with this wireless charging station, all you need to do is to place your mobile phone on this device and your phone would get charged. Gift this to your dad, and ensure his phone is always charged even if there are no plug points available at times. You could get it for $13.

Here, you can check out Belkin Wireless Charger.

Air Fryer –

best Father's day gift

Fathers getting tempted to eat Deep fried pakoras but are scared of being scolded by their wives for eating oily and unhealthy food is the tale of every house. Does it happen at your house too? If yes, gift an Air Fryer to your father this Father’s Day. It would make oily foods oil free and healthy by cutting down all the oils and fats. It would cost around Rs.5,000-10,000 to buy an Air Fryer.

Here, you can check out Philips Air Fryer.

Customized gifts –

best Father's day gift

How joyful it would be to see a wide smile on your father’s face while having coffee from the mug you gifted him well, it not merely because of the mug but because of the photograph, you got customized on the mug. If not a mug, you could gift him a customized T-shirt or a pillow and you could also replace the photograph with a catchy quote.

Here is another gift suggestion, the price of which is just love-loads and loads of love. You could cook his favourite food or bake a cake. You could also make a greeting card adding a lot of photographs and writings, expressing your love and gratitude for being such an amazing human and above all the best father.

Here, you can check out Personalized Cushion.

Wishing Happy Father’s Day to All Proud Daddies.

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