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Travelling Safely: What You Need To Know While On The Road

Since the weather has heated up and most schools have dismissed for summer break, you should expect the highways to be inundated with masses of traveling vacationers. While you and your family should not let the crowds stop you from having an enjoyable trip, it is essential to practice safety while traveling on the road. Below are a few travelling safety tips to keep in mind to ensure that you, your family, and other drivers arrive at your intended destinations as safely as possible. 

Do Not Drink and Drive – 

Possibly the most critical safety rule of the road, you should never drink alcohol and then attempt to operate a motor vehicle. No matter how small the amount of alcohol you may have consumed, it may impair your judgment and decrease your reaction time. That being said, law enforcement must have reasonable suspicion to pull your vehicle over lawfully, and police cannot take your blood without reasonable suspicion or search your car without your permission. The best way to avoid being stopped for reckless driving and being tested for driving under the influence is to say “no” to any alcoholic beverage.

Keep a Safe Distance from Other Vehicles – 

Travelling Safely

When driving near other vehicles, ensure you are at a safe distance in the event they suddenly stop or make an unexpected turn. Maintaining a safe distance from other vehicles allows you time to react and avoid collisions. It is ideal to remain more than one car length behind another car or adhere to the two-second rule (also referred to as the three-second rule in some states). For instance, when the automobile in front of you passes a stationary object or landmark, begin counting, and if you pass the object in two to three seconds, you are at a safe distance. If you are driving during the night or in inclement weather, consider doubling the time.

Adhere to Speed Limits – 

Travelling Safely

Pay attention to street signs and adhere to the posted speed limits. These limit are posted to protect drivers and pedestrians, and speeding only lessens your reaction time and increases the risk of an accident. Also, if you do not follow the limits, you are breaking the law.

Avoid Distractions – 

While driving, be attentive to the road. This means you should not text or talk on your phone while driving. Power off any cell phones and avoiding distractions such as eating that may also delay your reaction time.

If you’re looking for more traveling tips, we also have a pretty cool article on how to stay healthy while traveling, for those with long commutes and extended road trip vacations.  

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