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Top 25 Best Tamil Horror Movies of all time

The Indian film industry has earned resounding applause on the global stage, captivating audiences far and wide. However, it is the realm of South Indian cinema that has emerged as the steadfast backbone, propelling Indian cinema to new heights. In recent decades, best Kollywood Movies wave has swept across the nation, transforming the landscape of Indian cinema.

Within the realm of horror movies, the Tamil film industry stands unrivaled, offering a plethora of cinematic masterpieces, horror movies in tamil as well as tamil movies dubbed in Hindi, that are guaranteed to send shivers down your spine. These exceptional works not only showcase commendable storytelling, but also redefine the boundaries of fear, delivering an unforgettable experience that will leave you sleepless.

Prepare yourself for a journey through the shadows as we present a handpicked list of the absolute best Tamil horror movies. From blood-curdling scares to supernatural encounters, these films promise to plunge you into a world of terror unlike any other.

Without further ado, let us delve into the realm of Tamil horror with this carefully curated list of the most bone-chilling thriller and suspense films:

Best Tamil Horror Movies List –

Boo (2023)

IMDB ratings: 6.7/10

Creator: A.L. Vijay

Cast: Aayira, Megha Akash, Reba Monica John

Four friends gather to celebrate Halloween. They begin reading an horror novel. Things take a strange turn as they begin to experience bizarre events while reading the book. Will they be able to escape the spirit that haunts them?

Asvins (2023)

IMDB ratings: 8/10

Creator: Tarun Teja Mallareddy

Cast: Vasanth Ravi, Muralidaran, Vimala Raman

A group of Youtubers who accidentally unleash a 1500-year-old evil that crosses over from the realm of darkness to the human world.

Karungaapiyam (2023)

IMDB ratings: 7.7/10

Creator: Deekay

Cast: Kajal Aggarwal, Yogi Babu, Noyrika Bhatheja

Regina’s Umayal Karthika deciding to spend time at a 100-year-old unkempt library in a bid to divert and heal from a heartbreak.

Cold Case (2021)

IMDB ratings: 6/10

Creator: Tanu Balak

Cast: Prithviraj Sukumaran, Aditi Balan, Lakshmi Priyaa Chandramouli

The film tells the riveting story of a complex murder case, parallelly investigated by a police officer and an investigative journalist in their own way, who eventually cross paths to unravel secrets they never imagined.

Boomika (2021)

IMDB ratings: 5.1/10

Creator: R. Rathindran Prasad

Cast: Avantika, Madhuri Jain, Pavel Navageethan

Paranormal activity at a lush, abandoned property alarm a group eager to redevelop the site, but the eerie events may not be as unearthly as they think.

Demonte Colony (2015)

IMDB ratings: 7/10

Creator: R. Ajay Gnanamuthu

Cast:   Arulnithi, Ramesh Thilak, Sananth, Abishek Joseph George

The story revolves around four friends—Srinivasan, Raghavan, Nand Kumar and Joseph. They are intrigued by    some abandoned mansion which is rumored to be haunted. As they enter the haunted house, they start experiencing paranormal activities and encounters with spirits. These friends find themselves trapped within the cursed walls and they hence went restless for escaping from the bungalow. It combines elements of horror and psychological thriller to create a thrilling-horror cinematic experience.

Pisasu (2014)

IMDB ratings: 7.5/10

Creator: Mysskin

Cast:  Naga · Siddharth ; Prayaga Martin · Bhavani ; Radha Ravi · Bhavani’s Father ; Raj Kumar · Yugi ; Ashvatt · Badri; (as Ashvath)

 The story revolves around a talented musician named Senthil. “Pisasu” delivers the themes of love, loss, and the supernatural. The film combines elements of horror, suspense, and emotional drama to create a haunted and thrilling story. It explores the psychological impact of guilt and grief, while also portraying the power of love and redemption.

Ratsasan (2018)

IMDB ratings: 8.3/10

Creator: Ram Kumar

Cast: Vishnu Vishal  · Amala Paul  · Saravanan (double role) 

“Ratsasan” skillfully blends elements of a crime thriller and horror. The film explores the psychological aspects of the characters and delves into the psyche of a serial killer, creating a gripping and suspenseful narrative.

Aranmanai (2014)

IMDB ratings: 5.2/10

Creator: Sundar C.

Cast: Hansika Motwani, Vinay Rai, Andrea Jeremiah, Raai Laxmi, Santhanam, Kovai Sarala, Manobala

This cinematic experience blends supernatural elements, suspense, and humor to create an entertaining horror comedy experience. It blends elements of mystery and drama as the characters uncover the dark past of the mansion and confront the evil forces at play.

Maya (2015)

IMDB ratings: 7.5/10

Creator: Ashwin Saravanan

Cast: Nayanthara ; Aari Arujunan;  Amzath Khan; Lakshmi Priya

 This story is known for its atmospheric horror, suspenseful and thrilling. The film explores themes of the supernatural and several other. It offers a blend of chills, emotional depth, and psychological intrigue that keeps the audience engaged throughout.

Eeram (2009)

IMDB ratings: 7.6/10

Creator: Arivazhagan Venkatachalam

Cast: Aadhi, Nandha, Sindhu Menon, and Saranya Mohan

The film seamlessly blends elements of horror, mystery, and psychological thriller. It explores themes of love, revenge, and the consequences of past actions. “Eeram” keeps the audience engaged with its atmospheric tension, well-executed suspense, and unexpected twists and turns.

Pizza (2012)

IMDB ratings: 8/10

Creator: Karthik Subbaraj

Cast: Akshay Oberoi; Parvathy Omanakuttan; Arunoday Singh;    Dipannita Sharma

Having gained popularity for its unique storytelling approach, effective jump scares, and engaging screenplay, it combines elements of horror, suspense, and thriller genres to deliver a gripping and atmospheric narrative.

Kanchana (2011)

IMDB ratings: 6.6/10

Creator: Raghava Lawrence

Cast: Raghava Lawrence, Raghava, R. Sarathkumar, Kanchana, Kovai Sarala, Raghava’s Mom, Devadarshini Chetan.

 It blends horror and comedy elements, providing a unique and entertaining cinematic experience. It explores themes of revenge, social issues, and acceptance. Kanchana is one of the movies which most percentage of people have seen or heard about.

Yaamirukka Bayamey (2014)

IMDB ratings: 6.9/10

Creator: Deekay

Cast: Kreshna, Oviya, Rupa Manjari, Anaswara Kumar

This movie unfolds, secrets are revealed, relationships are tested, and the comedic chaos escalates. The film blends horror elements with comedy, delivering a mix of scares and laughter. It’s a blend of horror and comic genre.

Aval (2017)

IMDB ratings: 6.7/10

Creator: Milind Rau

Cast: Siddharth, Andrea Jeremiah, Anisha Angelina, Atul Kulkarni

This storyline combines elements of horror, suspense, and psychological thriller to create a chilling narrative. The film explores themes of supernatural possession, psychological trauma, and the resilience of the human spirit.

Dhuruvangal Pathinaaru

IMDB ratings: 8.2/10

Creator: Karthick Naren

Cast: Karthick Naren, Azaruddin Alauddin, Naren, Rahman

The movie is known for engagement of screenplay and the strong performances by the cast. It showcases the cat-and-mouse game between characters, building tension and intrigue thriller throughout the movie.

7aum Arivu (2011)

IMDB ratings: 6.5/10

Creator: A. R. Murugadoss

Cast: Dhanush, Karthi, Jiiva, Jayam Ravi, Vishal and Ram Charan

 This story intertwines elements of science fiction, action, and history. The film explores themes of knowledge, wisdom and several other genres. It showcases spectacular action, sequences, mesmerizing dance performances, and a blend of past and present narratives alongside.

Dhilluku Dhuddu (2016)

IMDB ratings: 5.3/10

Creator: Rambala

Cast: Santhanam, Shanaya, Kajal, Karunas, Mohan, Motta

This blends horror and comedy elements, providing a humorous take on supernatural encounters. It features and emphasize blend of comic and spooky nature of characters simultaneously. It is loaded with tones of entertainment.

Muni 2: Kanchana (2011)

IMDB ratings: 6.6/10

Creator: Raghava Lawrence

Cast: Raghava Lawrence, R. Sarathkumar, Kovai Sarala,      Devadarshini Chetan.

 It blends horror and comedy elements, providing an entertaining and engaging cinematic experience. It explores themes of revenge, acceptance, and societal prejudices.

Pariyerum Perumal (2018)

IMDB ratings: 8.7/10

Creator: Mari Selvaraj

Cast: Anandhi, Jothi Mahalakshmi, Yogi Babu, Anand, Lijeesh, Sankaralingam, Hari Krishnan, Pariyan

 A thrilling and horrifying yet one of the best cinematic screenplay one will get. It explores the harsh realities of caste-based discrimination, social inequality, and systemic oppression.

Kanchana 2 (2015)

IMDB ratings: 5.5/10

Creator: Raghava Lawrence

Cast: Nithya Menen, Taapsee Pannu and Kovai Sarala

Kanchana is series which movies which none forget about in India at least. This story stands out as an entertaining and light-hearted horror-comedy film that aims to provide both thrills and laughter to viewers.

Kanchana: the wonder car(2017)

IMDB ratings: 5.5/10    

Creator: Doss Ramasamy

Cast: Nayanthara Kurian, Baby Yuktha, Harish Uthaman, Tarun Shatriya, Thambi Ramayya

 Nayanthara Kurian as leading role purchases a vintage car that seems to have a mind of its own. Further investigation reveals that it is possessed by a spirit with ties to her past. Eventually building up the story and driven by curves of thrill and a perfect climax.

13B (2009)

IMDB ratings: 7.3/10

Creator: Vikram Kumar

Cast: Madhavan, R. Manohar Nitu Chandra, Priya, Poonam Dhillon, Sushma, Saranya Ponvannan.

“13B” blends elements of horror, suspense, and mystery to keep the audience engaged and intrigued throughout the film, building towards a climactic revelation and resolution of the supernatural occurrences. It’s one of those masterpieces which Kollywood have ever cinematically presented.

Pillai Nila(1985)

IMDB ratings: 6/10

Creator: Manobala

Cast: Shamitha Shreekumar, Divya Padmini, Shyam Ganesh, Shreekumar, Neha Menon and Shanthi Williams.

The film revolves around two close friends, Saravanan and Chandru. “Pillai Nila” combines elements of romance, drama, and social commentary to depict the challenges faced by individuals in love and the impact of societal norms on their relationships.


IMDB ratings: 7.3/10

Creator: P. Vasu

Cast: Rajinikanth, Jyothika ,Chandramukhi, Prabhu

The film showcases Rajinikanth’s charismatic performance, Jyothika’s dual roles, and the thrilling encounters with the supernatural, leading to a climactic resolution where the truth about Chandramukhi’s spirit is unveiled and the haunting is brought to an end.

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