25 Old Indian Ads That Will Make You Feel Nostalgic

Indian advertising industry has evolved a lot during the last few decades.  The advertisements started with the newspapers and radio and then spread across multiple communication channels.  These are the times of Digital marketing and many products are advertised through online campaigns. Here, we are looking at some of the best Old Indian Ads. Many of these old Indian ads were published before most of us were born.  I am sure you are going to feel very nostalgic after watching these ads provided by Old Indian Ads. All I can say, I…

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great wall of India History Travel Trending 

This Great Wall of India Could be The Longest Wall in the World After China

We all know about the Great Wall of China which is very popular and regarded as the longest man-made structure in the world. Did you know one such wall exists in India which may not be as long as the Great Wall of China but it is probably the second largest wall in the world and known as the great wall of India? We are talking about the wall of Kumbhal fort in Kumbhalgarh which is a Mewar fortress on the western range of Aravalli Hills, near Udaipur in Rajasthan…

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Chanakya facts History 

12 Interesting Facts You Probably Didn’t Know About Chanakya

Chanakya was an Indian teacher, economist, and a political adviser. He played a key role in the establishment of the Maurya dynasty. He is also known as Kautilya or Vishnugupta. Chanakya is a widely known scholar and statesmen from ancient India. His works are still relevant in terms of economy and management. But just some time back there was a claim that Chanakya was a myth and no true personality with such skills existed. They sighted that there is no mention of Chanakya in contemporary Greek works. Megasthenes who stayed in…

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Temples in India History Mythology Trending 

8 Temples in India where men are not allowed!

Gender bias has been an age-old problem. From ancient period itself, women suffered under patriarchal rule. Every condition was imposed only on women and one of them was praying to almighty. It is a known fact that god never discriminated his children. It is humans who created this difference. As women were going through menstrual cycle they were called impure and banned from going to temples. But as times are changing rules have also fluctuated. There are some temples which are way ahead of the patriarchal norms and permit only…

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Egyptian pyramids facts History Trending 

20 Egyptian Pyramids Facts You Will Enjoy Reading

The Egyptian pyramids represent ancient pyramid-shaped structures located in Egypt. There are pyramids structures in other countries as well. However, the Ancient Egyptian pyramids are the most well-known pyramid structures in the world.  The pyramids in Egypt have always been the center of attraction for mystery lovers. Many secrets have been revealed about ancient Egypt in the past. Do you want to know more about the Egyptian pyramids? Read below Egyptian pyramids facts to increase your knowledge. What are some fascinating facts about The Egyptian Pyramids? 1.  As of today, about 138 pyramids have been discovered in Egypt. The…

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Interesting facts - Statue of liberty Around The World History Travel 

30 Interesting Facts About The Statue of Liberty You Should Know

“The Statue of Liberty Enlightening the World” is a brilliant sculpture that was gifted to the United States by France in 1886. Being the colossal and majestic monument it is, it has managed to attract tourists from all over the world for many years now. Commonly known as ‘Statue of Liberty’, this monument is situated on the Liberty Island and is considered as a universal symbol of democracy and freedom. Although it is visited by millions every year, there are only a few who have in-depth knowledge about this fascinating…

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History Quiz History Quiz 

History Quiz: Can you answer these Indian History questions?

Are you a fan of Indian History and have read everything about it? Participate in our Indian History quiz and see if you can answer all questions correctly. Let us tell you very clearly only 1 out 50 people can answer all questions correctly. Ready for the challenge, play our History quiz now! This Indian history quiz have questions from Ancient to modern history. Hope you liked our Indian History Quiz. If you are looking for more History trivia or quizzes or on anything else, let us know in the…

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Lesser Known Historical Monuments In India History Trending 

10 Lesser Known Historical Monuments in India That Should Be Famous

India is home to some of the most remarkable and breathtaking monuments, which are a testimony to the vast history and culture of the country. Many of these monuments are also world-heritage sites. But there are also a few monuments that, even after being fascinating and after contributing equally to the nation’s rich history and culture, are not as known or as famous as they deserve to be.  Thus, here are some of the lesser known historical monuments in India which are not as famous as the other monuments- 1) Salim Singh…

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Great Wall of China Around The World History Travel 

18 Unknown Interesting Facts About Great Wall of China

The Great Wall of China is a series of fortifications built along an east-to-west line across the historical northern borders of China. The wall is made of stone, brick, wood, and many other materials. It was built to protect the Chinese states and empires against various raids and invasions of the outsiders. Several walls were built as early as the 7th century BC. These walls were later joined together and made bigger and stronger. These walls are collectively known as the Great Wall of China. The wall built in 220–206…

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History Mythology 

8 Most Mysterious Temples in India That Are Beyond Explanation

India is an ancient country that has a vast history of cultures and traditions and consists of a number of communities following numerous deities. Thus, it is no surprise that India has many temples that have amazing mysteries linked to it. Each of these mysterious temples possesses some extraordinary features that are beyond the proven scientific or technological limitations. Even many Scientists, as well as Astrologers, haven’t been able to solve this mysteries.  Here’s a look at some of the most mysterious temples in India – 1) Mehandipur Balaji Temple,…

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