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How To Sharpen Your Memory | Best Ideas to Trick Your Brain

Functionality and productivity of brain decrease with age. Mental decline is a common situation, and it is a feared outcome of aging. Cognitive impairment is avoidable through brainy activities. These activities can develop neurological malleability and build up a purposeful reserve. A cerebrally stimulating activity can build up a human brain. Start some brain exercise with mental gymnastics like math problems, crosswords, and jigsaw puzzle. These things need mental efforts and visual ability. Here are some ideas that can keep your brain young and sharpen memory. Physical Exercises: Good for…

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21 Weird Phobias You Never Knew Existed

All of us fear something or other but sometimes the small fears become extreme fears of our lives. Some people have irrational and extreme fears, known as a phobia. The people suffering from a phobia tend to avoid certain things or feeling or anything causing fear or known to associate with fear. While some phobias look normal, some phobias are so weird that we can’t even that they exist. Here is the list of 21 weird phobias. 1. Xanthophobia – Fear of the yellow color Colors fill happiness in our…

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