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What is Kundalini Shakti? and its top benefits?

Whenever we hear the word Kundalini Shakti, we get some spiritual meaning of it but what exactly is Kundalini shakti? Kundalini Shakti is the hidden power or energy inside the human body. The word Kundalini came from Sanskrit word ‘kundala’, meaning circular. It is believed that it is a kind of energy which is located at the base of the spine. The kundalini is awakened by practicing yoga, mudras, pranayama, asanas and meditation. When it is awakened, people usually believe that one can control his mind and wishes. After the awakening of kundalini, life usually becomes positive and full of energy.

What is Kundalini Shakti?

Kundalini shakti is basically translated as the serpent power which symbolizes a serpent coiled at the base of a human spine. Kundalini yoga is a state or pose that helps awakening kundalini shakti. Kundalini yoga is highly influenced by Tantra and Shaktism schools of Hinduism. The main goal is to activate the kundalini energy hidden inside of our body. This energy helps us with self-awareness. This practice is also known as yoga of awareness.

This practice allows the energy to move up through the chakras along the spine. In the practice of yoga, we have seven centres or chakras in our body such as, root chakra, sacral chakra, naval chakra, heart chakra, throat chakra, third eye chakra and crown chakra. As soon as the kundalini energy rises, it helps to have a harmony between these chakras and spiritual wellness at the same time. If one practices this daily, he would be able to have a spiritual awakening which can be called as kundalini awakening.

Now that we have understood about what exactly kundalini shakti is, we will now talk about what can be the possible benefits of kundalini shakti.

benefits of Kundalini Yoga:

1. Reduces stress:

It reduces all the anxiety and stress of daily hectic life. According to a 2017 research, people may feel immediate anxiety relief after kundalini yoga. Another research says that the people who practice this for 8 weeks, may help in lowering the stress level.

2. Strengthens our nervous system:

Kundalini shakti have the capability to strengthen our nervous system. The nervous system is composed of various nerves and therefore, when the kundalini energy rises, it helps in making every nerve stronger and sharper. The stronger a person’s nervous system is, the more he appears to be calmer and patient even in difficult situations of life.

3. Strengthens our willpower:

Kundalini shakti rises our inner willpower at the core of third chakra. It allows us to have a strong willpower which means it not only helps having a good digestion of food but also the bad memories or self-doubt. It helps in taking immediate decision against all the people or thing that are harmful for us. A person also becomes easy to accept everything and move further in life.

4. Develops creative abilities:

If a person is successful in awakening the kundalini shakti the, it is possible that he would be able to achieve some extraordinary talents like creativity. For example, a person is practicing kundalini yoga while breathing alternately creating a balance between right and left hemispheres of brain would help us having better imaginative and creative skills. It allows our inner creativity to rise and lead us to various possibilities of life.

5. Clears out all our karmas:

Kundalini shakti burns and clears out all the karmas because it is leading us to a self-awareness and it is usually said that if a person realizes his mistakes and misconduct, he is already forgiven. Immediately after the rising of kundalini shakti, we are free of our past karmas and ready for a new destiny waiting for us.

6. Lead us to fearlessness:

Kundalini shakti makes a person fearless in every circumstance. It will help him live according to his inner willpower and listen to his soul. And whenever a person starts living on the spiritual path, he will live fearlessly. Such a person would not care about what people think in the society.

7. Opens the center of heart:

Kundalini shakti opens up the centre of the heart that is the 4th chakra. It helps us having a welcoming tendency to everything and believing in the higher power of God. We will be assured of the fact that He will give us what we need only at the right time. Therefore, even in a difficult situation, we wouldn’t lose hope. We would be open to everything in life.

8. Develops patience:

We have just discussed about how kundalini shakti opens the 4th chakra in our body which builds a sense of acceptance in us. This would also lead us to develop patience in us. For example, problems like unemployment, failure, breakups or family issues would not affect us in the same manner. We would be able to deal with them more patiently. It helps to have a positive attitude and understanding.

9. Lead us to mindfulness:

When kundalini shakti rises, it builds mindfulness automatically and a person may start focussing on himself more. It would also help in living without expectations or stress of future. A person would then only concentrate on his own development of soul rather than what would be outcomes of anything in future. A person will only care about living openly, caring about his soul and body, staying fit, focussed and eating good.

10. Improve communication skills:

Surprisingly enough, the rising of kundalini shakti also improve one’s communication skills. He would be confident and due to which the flow of communication would be easy. He would be able to share his inner thinking and opinions to others without hesitating because kundalini shakti gives him a confidence. He can certainly become a good healer, motivational speaker, writer, painter, public speaker and so on. All this is because kundalini shakti opens up the throat chakra in our body.

11. Helps in connection with our intuition:

Once the kundalini shakti is awakened, a person may no longer be stuck in questions of self-doubt. It may help him having a connection to his intuition. Kundalini energy is more like surrendering ourselves completely. It builds a permanent faith in the divine which help us connecting to the divine present in ourselves and allows us to follow the correct path and right direction.

12. Makes us more conscious:

Kundalini shakti when rises give us a sense of self-awareness and consciousness that helps a person being smarter. A person would be completely different from his past self because after the rising of kundalini energy, he becomes more conscious of his inner self and sometimes he even becomes conscious of other people as well.

13. Makes us wiser:

A person with kundalini energy would act wiser and smarter in every action of his. He would automatically distance himself from all the harmful things such as drinking, smoking or stealing. He would also take care of natural environment and would never waste things like electricity and water in his daily life. He would also make sure that he consumes more fruits instead of junk food. He would also distance himself from the company that is not good for him.

14. Makes us compassionate:

Once the kundalini energy rises, a person becomes compassionate and kind. He would be non-judgemental and feel gratitude towards every small thing life has given him. It makes a person more polite in his daily conversation. Addressing people with kindness is also the best way to communicate with others.

15. Clears the fogginess of brain:

Whenever a person is overthinking or confused, it seems as if his brain is full of the clusters of never-ending questions and the person may feel completely blank to everything but when the kundalini energy is risen, everything changes. A person’s brain becomes clear in thoughts completely. He can easily untangle the cluster of question inside the mind and has the capability to answer those questions in just a few seconds. It builds a sense of clarity in the brain about everything around us, leading a person to become more focussed, decisive and clear.

Therefore, we can conclude this with the fact that awakening kundalini shakti is certainly not an easy task to do. At first you may feel confused, clueless and anxious but the only solution is to have patience and never giving up. Such huge things take time but when they start moving on track, your belief in kundalini shakti becomes stronger and stronger.

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