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Running Shoes For Men That Are Sustainable

Gone are the days when only athletes were in the market looking for the best and most sustainable sports shoes. With the growing awareness around a fit lifestyle for the past few years, most men have been taking prudent decisions in choosing their running gear. If you are on the lookout for running shoes, you are at the right place. We have a list of running shoes that offer comfort to your feet while you are running towards your goals and score high on the sustainability points.

Read on to know more:

Finding the Perfect Pair

Before we get into the types of running shoes, it is important to know how to choose the one that will be apt for you. Unlike casual shoes for men, running shoes need to provide enhanced support and grip as well as comfort. The following tips will help you choose better:

1. Type of Pronation

Everyone has their own pronation. Pronation is defined as how the foot rolls and moves when it hits the ground. It has a major impact on your running. Althougha slight roll is standard, based on the arch type or foot type, you are more towards overpronation or under pronation.

  • Overpronation

If you have a low arch, you tend towards excessive pronation. Your weight will shift more inwards, andthere will be excessive wear on the inner edge of your shoes.

  • Under pronation

If you have a high arch, you tend towards low pronation. Your weight will shift more outwards. There will be excessive wear on the outer edge of your shoes.

Both under and overpronation are not ideal. Hence, it is important to know your pronation to pick the running shoes to balance and help you get into a perfect position. This will help in distributing the force and reducing injuries.

2. Match the Shoe to Run

You must know what kind of a run you will be doing before picking the shoes. For example

  • If you are running through rough roads, trail shoes are the best for you.
  • A minimalist shoe is the best for speed.
  • Shoes with more support are the best if you plan to be running for longer distances.
  • Recovery runs call for shoes with more support and cushion.


All said and done, the best running shoes for you will be the ones that you are most comfortable in. An ideal pair requires you to be patientand try tested ways.


When you enter a store to buy running shoes, you will find various sections like “motion control”, “stability”, or “natural”. Unlike casual shoes for men, picking a sports shoe can be a daunting task, especially when you are new to the arena. We have listed a few running shoes that can be sustainable and meet your requirements.

 1. Motion Control

These are the shoes for people who have either overpronation or under pronation. These shoes are designed to control the roll and offer the ideal position while running. This is all about the correct running gait. They are very stiff shoes.

2. Cushion

If you plan on running for long distances or a marathon, your heel will hit the ground for a longer period and, as a result, may lead to other issues. Hence the need for a cushion. The amount of cushion you require depends on your run.

3. Stability

These shoes offer the best of both worlds – motion control and cushion. These are the top choice for you if you have normal pronation and need flexibility with some cushions.

4. Lightweight

Lightweight running shoes spell flexibility and comfort. They help in decreasing fatigue, better ventilation, and minimalist design.

5. Daily Trainer

Called the road running shoes, they are for daily use. Both durable and comfortable, these shoes have a medium cushion and may cause pain with regular use. However, this shoe may be fine for a beginner until you figure out your gait and run.

6. Trail Running Shoes

If your run is all about rough trails, there is no better choice than trail running shoes. They have larger rugs to provide maximum grip. They have plates beneath the sole for protection from pebbles.

7. Hybrid Shoes

A cross between road and trail running shoes can be used for both occasions. Relatively new into the market, this review is still in an experimental stage.

All the above-mentioned running shoes are available from the top brands in eco-friendly and vegan categories too – soles made of bananas, lesser plastic, upper material made of bottles etc. So, if you are environmentally conscious and have an urge to keep fit, you can choose them.


There are a plethora of brands and options. Do not get confused. Before you start looking for sports shoes, figure out what you want. If sustainability is the top factor, search for brands that offer them. Then based on your gait and run, pick quality products at the best price. Happy running!

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