Trendy Shoe Styles Fashion Lifestyle 

7 Trendy Shoe Styles Every Man Should Own

It is said that “A Man is recognized by the shoes he wears”. This dictum proves to be true because shoes play an important role in making your look. If you are not fit into the right pair of shoes you may devastate your look. Therefore, it is extremely important that you dress up with the perfect pair of shoes.  Shoes are not just footwear but something that also reflects your personality. To have at least 7 pairs of shoes that will make a man perfect for any occasion, party…

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bell sleeves Fashion 

How To Use Bell Sleeves To Look Graceful In 2018?

I get lots of questions like – are bell sleeves out of fashion? The answer is a straight no! In fact, it is in the top fashion trends of 2018. I have written this guide on Why to wear bell sleeves to How to choose style sleeves to look graceful in 2018. I have also picked my 7 best style sleeves dress/kurti/top which you can purchase to look awesome in 2018. Bell sleeves area style statement in 2018 –  A 70’s fashion look which has been accepted with grace by…

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Perfect makeup Fashion Trending 

How to choose the perfect makeup – a beginner’s guide.

Makeup enhances our skin giving it a captivating radiance. In order to have your makeup on fleek proper knowledge about the makeup and the products are essential. One has to be very friendly when it comes to cosmetics. There are lots of marketing strategies that can be misleading. Here is a beginners guide on how to choose the perfect makeup. Things to remember while choosing the right cosmetics: i)Read the information given behind the packet before buying it. ii) Seek professional guidance regarding allergies. iii) Try the product and check…

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top girl women accessories Fashion Lifestyle 

Top 10 accessories every girl must have in 2018

The thing every girl should have in her wardrobe is a collection of various accessories. Accessories help to enhance the way you look in day to day living. You can look different every day with the help of accessories. Here are the few classic top girl accessories. I have personally picked these accessories, every girl must have this year. 1) BAG Bags have always been an important part of a girls life. A bag can hold many essential things in it. The bag carries a most important item that girls…

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