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Servers down? Here’s how you can pass the time

Online gaming has boomed in the past decade, and it’s thankfully never been easier to enjoy a campaign or deathmatch or two with friends on the web. Servers are faster and more resilient than ever before. However, that doesn’t mean they’re not at risk of slowing down occasionally!

With many of us reliant on the web for entertainment, and by association gaming servers, it’s easy to feel a little lost should things suddenly hit a wall. In the New 20s, how on earth do you keep yourself entertained while server repairs take place? It’s time to get creative.

Get practicing

One of the best ways to ride out server downtime is simply to head into offline play. Now’s a great time for you to really brush up on your skills – try a few maps you need to get better at, practice new techniques, etc. If you have barely played the offline campaign or single-player variation on a game, it’s time to dive back in and start practicing.

Look for other games

Yes – there are plenty of games out there! Whether you’re gaming online via console or PC, there’s a world of virtual entertainment waiting for you to try. If you really want to avoid getting bored when playing online games, the best thing to do is to line up a variety of titles you can enjoy.

You don’t even have to stick to the same types of game. Have you ever tried playing puzzle games before? You may even take the time to look for a few casino updates and try your hand at cards and slots online. The choice – of course – is absolutely yours!

Try something different

We’re certainly not in the position to say that gaming is the be-all and end-all – it’s a lot of fun! However, there are plenty of other hobbies and pursuits you could try getting into should your servers go down unexpectedly.

For example, try getting into different types of tech! With smartwatches, smartphones and tablets all getting more intricate and ever-more impressive, it may be worth investing in a device or two that you can explore in your spare time. If your games are going offline a lot – it’s worth finding other distractions!

Take some time out

Gaming can be a lot of fun – but it really won’t do you any harm to step away from the screen. Why not step out and get some fresh air? Losing a few minutes to server downtime is no big deal – take this moment to refresh yourself and to readjust.

Ultimately, server downtime isn’t the end of the world. It’s good to get some perspective! That said, we know how annoying lag can be – and that it can destroy the good flow of a game at the worst possible moments.

Therefore, don’t get frustrated – make sure to find yourself something different to try in the event of a slowdown or crash, and you’ll navigate these incidents better in future.

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