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Thor is a prominently mentioned god throughout the recorded history of Germanic people. According to Germanic mythology, Thor is a hammer-wielding god kindred with lightning, thunder, storms.

No god was stronger than Thor. Although some of the giants were, that made the challenge of defeating them more enjoyable for the thunder god. His hammer, the Mjolnir was capable of destroying mountains, and he used it for defeating the Giants, as they threatened Asgard (the realm of gods) and Midgard (the world of humanity).

But Mjolnir was not just a weapon, Thor used it to restore or to bless. With the help of the hammer, he could even bring some things back to life.

The Mjolnir was made from a metal called Uru. Uru is a metal ore from the first moon’s existence and has existed since the beginning of the universe.

The creation of the Mjolnir was completed in 17 weeks, in the process, the star exploded and almost took Midgard with it, that event may justify the extinction of the dinosaurs about 65 million years ago. After the hammer landed on earth, Odin ( father of thor) retrieved it.  Out of spitefulness, Odin cast an enchantment on the Mjolnir to prevent anyone else from wielding it. Later the hammer was passed on to his son after thor proved himself worthy through several trials.

       Some powers of the Mjolnir granted to its master :

  • Weather manipulation: The hammer grants it’s master the ability to control the elements of the storm. The user of the Mjolnir can create storms on a wide scale or larger if needed, as it is not restricted to the natural limits of nature and can go beyond it.
  • Flight: The Mjolnir helped Thor fly, through the air at tremendous speeds. With the earth’s atmosphere, Thor flew equally to three times the speed of light (3 x 299792458 m/s).
  • Energy absorption and redirection: Mjolnir can absorb any energy blast directed towards its master. Once the energy is absorbed, Thor can redirect it back with much greater intensity.

The Mjolnir also had powers like:

  • Energy projection
  • God blast
  • Teleportation
  • Anti-force
  • Thermo-blast
  • Energy sensing
  • Matter manipulation
  • Electromagnetic spectrum manipulation
  • Cosmic energy
  • Interdimensional communication
  • Immunity to other forces
  • Illusion detection
  • Event recall

However, there are some amazing facts you probably didn’t know about  the lord of thunder:

Superman has wielded the Mjolnir-

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The inscription on the mjolnir reads, “ whosoever holds this hammer, if he is worthy, shall possess the power of Thor”.

During a rare DC/Marvel crossover which brought together the justice league and the avengers, Odin granted the ability to wield Mjolnir to the man of steel.

Mjolnir was not his first weapon-

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Before being considered worthy to wield Mjolnir, Thor used jarnbjorn (a giant axe with the power to cut through almost anything) throughout the 9th,10th, and 11th centuries.

First superhero based on a god-

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Thor may be the first superhero based on a god. The reason behind introducing Thor into a superhero figure was Stan Lee, as he couldn’t think of a human character who would realistically over-power the Hulk.

The belt-

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Thor also had a magical belt, aptly named the belt of strength, which intensified his strength nearly 2 times.

A draw between the strength and a belt


Iron man and the mighty Thor did battle, with Tony Stark equipped with his Thorbuster armor boosted by an Asgardian crystal. The iron man did give Thor some beating, but Thor tore the armor, and Tony was forced to step back.

The Kronans-


Thor had fought with giant rock aliens called kronan. When the lord of thunder defeated the kronans, they were forced to leave the earth, assuming that all earthlings were as powerful as Thor.

Tampering with the enchantment-

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A villainous version of Captain America managed to pick up the Mjolnir. However, it was revealed that the reason behind this phenomenon was that a member of HYDRA used the cosmic cube to rewrite Mjolnir’s enchantment that said “only the strong could lift it.”

It’s all about the mass-

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The mighty Thor’s iconic weapon, the Mjolnir was said to be forged in the heart of a dying star. Scientifically, a dying star creates a very dense type of matter “neutronium”, a single teaspoon of which would weigh billions of tons.

G.O.A.T and his goats-

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The lord of thunder had two goats, Toothgnasher and Toothgrinder which were among his most trusted friends.

They are usually shown flying Thor into battle, as he rides in the chariot pulled by them.

The flying capability-


The god of thunder had many powers and capabilities, but flying was not one of them. It was the hammer that gave him the ability to fly. He would be completely grounded if it wasn’t for the Mjolnir.

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